Sundays at 9:30A & 11:00A

Church Leadership

Ministerial Staff

Dr. Thomas Petter
Senior Pastor
Debbie Wilson
Executive Director
Gail Hughson
Director of Children's Ministries
Adam Kurihara
Director of Music and Worship
Kyle Smethurst
Student Ministries Pastor
Cheryl Alexander
Children's Ministries Assistant

Administrative Staff

Kay Harrington
Administrative Assistant
Nancy Griffin
Administrative Assistant
Aimee Mury
Contributions Coordinator
Mary C. Ayotte

Facilities Staff

Luis Lozano
Facilities Manager
Eddie Lozano
Drew Wolff

The Board

Moderator & Board Chairman: Marty Bodley

Members: Deborah Dunsire, Paul Church, Asa Foster, Emose Piou, Amy Scott and Dan Williams