Summer Worship Schedule: Sundays at 9:30A

KID'S WEEK 2016 - Son Quest Rainforest.

We were encouraged and blessed with a gifted, multigenerational team of 65 volunteers (32 youth) serving shoulder to shoulder, ministering to over 110+ kids. It was exciting to open our doors to the community and welcome 55 visiting children. At the end of the morning, young and old alike, were exhausted but excited about sharing the gospel with the future generation.

It was extraordinary to see how each sub team accomplished their mission with excellence. From the craft team offering catchy crafts … the vibrant worship team … the energized recreation team … the creative Bible storytellers and conscientious coordinators … the relational and fun small group leaders … the loving staff nursery team … the refreshment team and church members who donated refreshments that kept us nourished … the skilled set and backdrop team … the meticulous administrative office staff … parishioners and families who covered the kids and volunteers in prayer … to the gifted actors who took us on our Rainforest Adventure Island every morning. It was a spectacular week!

2016 Kids Week Missions – Waypoint Adventure: The campers’ daily offerings exceeded their goal and donated over $1000 to Waypoint Adventure. Way to go campers!!

We'd like to thank our volunteers for serving and our campers for coming! We hope that you enjoyed your time in the Rainforest as much as we did and that the rest of your summer is filled with loads of sun and fun!

Check out the Kids Week 2016 Highlight Video

Kidsweek 2016 Highlight Video from TCC Wayland on Vimeo.