Sundays at 9:30A & 11:00A


Vision and Mission

Vision: "To be a church where... children and families connect and grow."

Mission: "To create an environment where... children can discover God and grow their relationship with Jesus."

By the time children graduate from these age levels, we want them to know...

INFANTS through Preschool

  • God loves me
  • God made me
  • Jesus wants to be my friend forever


  • I need to make the wise choice
  • I can trust God no matter what
  • I should treat others the way I want to be treated [Material and curriculum developed by the ReThink Group.]

First Time Guests

  • When you arrive on a Sunday morning, please come to the Children's Ministry desk adjacent to the main lobby.
  • Our welcome team will help you complete a Children’s Ministry Registration Form, unless you have pre-registered online by Thursday. Children's Ministry Online Registration.
  • Your child will be given a nametag and you will be given a claim tag, which you will need to pick your child up at the end of service.
  • You and your child will then be escorted to your child's classroom.
  • Allergy Alert: If your child has an allergy, please go to "Need to Know" for information and additional forms.

Worship Services At A Glance

SEPTEMBER 10, 2017 - JUNE 2018


9:30 A Service: 'Live the Adventure' (LTA) ministry is for children, infant-grade 5.

  • Infant - grade 5 children spend the entire hour in 'Live the Adventure'.

    WELCOME: After being checked in at the welcome desk, children will either go to their rooms, or begin the church service with their parents and then go to their rooms (depending on the service schedule - see Worship Service at a Glace). When children arrive in their rooms, they will be welcomed by their small group leaders (SGL) and connect with their friends while participating in a quick activity introducing the weekly Truth or Bottom Line.

    LARGE GROUP: Kids will then transition into large group where they will participate in kid-friendly worship and hear the Bible story through interactive and media-supported creative teaching.

    SMALL GROUP CONNECT: Kids will return to their small groups to participate in developmentally and spiritually age appropriate activities to grasp that week's Truth and bottom line and make it relevant to their lives. The leaders and kids will pray for, challenge, and encourage one another to apply what they learned.