Adult Education Seminar: Helping Without Hurting

Sundays at 11am
March 10, 17, 24, & 31
Bradford 2nd Floor

When Helping Hurts, Toxic Charity, The Hole in Our Gospel, and other Christian (and secular) books recently have shed light on the all too common phenomenon that our efforts to do good often do bad instead. What can we do if our best efforts in the name of Jesus unintentionally harm the people we are seeking to serve? How do we move from “Helping Hurts” to “Helping Actually Helps?!”

Come join us on as the Emmanuel Gospel Center leads us in an exploration of what it takes to move from helping hurts to helping helps. 

Basic Outline:

  • March 10: Does helping really hurt?
  • March 17: Moving to Helping Helps: Step 1: Embrace Your Poverty!
  • March 24: Moving to Helping Helps: Step 2: Learn to learn!
  • March 31: Moving to Helping Helps: Step 3: Be empowering!

Taught by our mission partners from EGC:

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