C-Tech Graduation Celebration

These are photos of the recent graduation and capping ceremonies that were held at C-TECH in Haiti.

Our congregation has had the privilege of beginning to develop a partnership with FEH and Gladys Thomas in which the particular resources God has given us can be used to promote higher education in Haiti.  In these photos it is possible to see some of the good results.  This is the first graduating class, so this is only a beginning for C-TECH.

Richard and Carolyn are expecting to travel again to Haiti in November.  This will be particularly for a board meeting of USFCH, but there may be other things happening then, also, since they are there anyway.  There are opportunities for solar power generation, education, health care and discipleship encouragement available.  We would welcome more volunteers with great enthusiasm.

The team that has been able to visit Haiti, USFCH, FEH and Gladys Thomas are thankful for TCC’s involvement and very excited to see what God will do in the future.

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