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On memory, a father’s love, and practices of the heart (Reflections on Evensong)

A few weeks ago I was speaking with a woman in our congregation about the joys and sorrows of caring for an aging parent. Her father has Alzheimers, which means of course severe memory loss. Though it is very difficult…

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Ancient Promise Fulfilled: The King has Returned

Pastor Tom’s Note Ancient Promise Fulfilled: The King has Returned Listen to the sermon here In the movie The Lion King, Simba is banished from Pride land for something he didn’t do (much like Joseph in the Bible). In The…

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A Different Kind of King

What is the label that you have given to Jesus? In John 18, Pilate questioned Jesus about the label “King of the Jews.” But Jesus’ answer makes it clear that he isn’t a Jewish revolutionary. He’s not an emerging dictator….

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Treasures in heaven

Pastor Tom’s Note Treasures in Heaven Listen to the sermon here You know the phrase, ‘miss by an inch, miss by a mile.’ This is in essence what happens to the rich man in Mark 10:17-22. He did everything right…

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Comfort for those who mourn

Pastor Tom’s Note: Comfort for those who Mourn Listen to the sermon here Who can forget Elton John’s rendition of “Candle in the Wind” at Princess Diana’s funeral? The world has seen many times of mournings before and after this…

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