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Rob and Kate Mellon: Our lives are meant to be spent in community

On the impact of community for personal growth 5 quick questions and answers I asked Rob and Kate Mellon, one of our host teams for the LIFE Groups test drive, a few questions about small groups and why they are…

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Installation Service Recap

Dear Church, What a celebration on Sunday! We were joined by many of Pastor Tom’s long-time ministry mentors, friends, and colleagues to celebrate, welcome him and his family, and formally charge him and the congregation to keep our eyes on…

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Membership Classes – Fall 2017

At TCC, we place a high value on membership because we believe that it is an important part of spiritual growth.  Members agree to participate in and support the Church’s Mission and their commitments made in the Covenant and the…

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Installation Service • Sunday October 15th at 3pm

    Join us as we welcome Rev. Dr. Thomas Petter to be our Senior Pastor this Sunday, October 15th, 2017, at 3pm. Participants include: Kyle Smethurst, Pastor of Students and Outreach, TCC Wayland) Rev. Allan Baldwin, Pastor of Visitation,…

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Life Groups Test Drive

    Are you sharing life or going it alone? It’s true, New Englanders are known for our resilience and fierce independence. We like to do things on our own. But the Christian faith should not be one of the…

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