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Pastor’s Note: Strength in Suffering

“BE PREPARED TO SUFFER FOR ME, in My Name. All suffering has meaning in My kingdom. Pain and problems are opportunities to demonstrate your trust in Me. Bearing your circumstance bravely–even thanking Me for them–is one of the highest forms…

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Pastor’s Note: Partnership in Suffering

1. The gift of suffering When we suffer, the last thing on our mind is to consider the suffering (whatever form it takes) as a gift.  Why would I want to view that which brings so much pain and discomfort…

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Dr. Rick Sacra wins prestigious L’Chaim prize!

Dr. Rick Sacra and ELWA Hospital have been selected to receive the third annual L’Chaim prize for Outstanding Medical MIssionary Service. This grant will help continue to develop ELWA Hospital’s capacity to care for the sickest patients and train physicians…

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Pastor’s Note: Don’t Settle

Lack of focus is a real problem for us in the digital age. When was the last time we had a block of time to focus on just one thing?  Paul, under house arrest writes to the Philippians from the…

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High School Missions Trip – Guatemala 2019!

We are going back to Guatemala! During this week long trip for all 9th-12th graders, along with sharing the Gospel and studying God’s Word, we will be: Helping build low-cost houses in impoverished neighborhoods Constructing and delivering fuel-efficient, vented cooking…

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