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Pastor’s Note: Renewal of the Heart

On Pentecost Sunday, we remember that the original Pentecost feast was a harvest festival. In explaining the outpouring of the Spirit in Acts 2, Peter quotes Joel 2:28 who had promised a ‘downpour’ of the Holy Spirit much like the…

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Pastor’s Note: “He knows not how”

The cluster of parables of growth in Mark 4 offers powerful images that put the focus on either the Sower, the seed or the soil (one parable does involve light but is closely connected to the others, especially the long…

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Pastor’s Note: Destroying Old Wineskins

 “To bring in the new, you have to destroy the old or the old will destroy you” captures the famous saying of Jesus on the new wine in old wineskins .   After a series of five confrontations with evil (Mark 1), Mark brings…

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Pastor’s Note: Praise Reports

  Last night was our inaugural TCC Men’s Forum in Phillips Hall with our speaker Dr. Ken Barnes, (Ken holds the same chair our own David Gill, former interim Senior Minister at TCC, held prior to his retirement from Gordon-Conwell). …

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Becoming Disciples in the Gospel of Mark: What is the Gospel?

What is the Gospel? Listen to the sermon here Good news is first a person. At TCC we make it a priority to say we are Gospel-centered.  But what is actually the Gospel? In the Gospel of Mark, the “Gospel”…

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