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Category: Pastor Tom’s Note

Pastor’s Note: Jesus Pruning

Read: Isaiah 5:1-2, John 15:1-11 Vineyards are a big part of the culture in the Bible.  In fact, a common imagery portrays Israel as God’s vineyard and God as the farmer (Isaiah 5:7; see also Psalm 80:1-19).  The fruit of the…

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Pastor’s Note: The Way to the House of the Father (John 14:1-14)

In the world of the Bible, the image of the ‘house of the Father’ conjures up images of blessing, protection, provision and inheritance. Just like in the movie Secondhand Lions, in the end, when the two great-uncles die, the boy…

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Pastor’s Note: The Great Betrayal

Have you ever been betrayed by anyone? If you have spent any amount of time with people, you know you have. The story of Easter is of course the triumph of Jesus over death (John 21:1-10). God can be trusted…

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Pastor’s Note: When our best is not good enough

When our Best is Not Good Enough Josiah (read 2 Chronicles 33-35) is a fitting conclusion to our quest to “start well and finish well!” He is the superlative king, equal to David and as good as Moses. Other kings…

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Pastor’s Note: Stay in your lane

Our texts for the week:2 Chronicles 26:1-23; Isaiah 6:1-8; John 11:10 NOTE: This is a longer pastor’s note. For the short version, please scroll down to “Reflections for this week.” Encounter #1 • King Uzziah In our quest to finish…

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