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Summer of Praise: “Got Favor?”

Hannah’s Story: Finding Favor When Hope Seems Far Away We’ve all faced bullies from time to time. In the story of the birth of Samuel, Peninnah fits the part of the bully perfectly in 1 Samuel 1. She harasses Hannah…

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Summer of Praise: Praise for His Salvation

Read Exodus 15 and Colossians 2:11-15 A misguided view of salvation will inevitably lead to a misguided view of praise.  If we define salvation in political, social  or economic terms we will end praising the wrong things or wrong people….

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Pastor’s Note: Finishing well

As we bring our study in the book of Mark to a close for now, we remember how the disciples don’t always ‘get it’ with Jesus. They’re not sure who He is, or even believe what He says (do take…

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Pastor’s Note: Good News for Doubters

Read Mark 9:1-29 and 12:18-27 It’s so easy to friend and unfriend people on social media. You don’t like one post? One click and the offender is gone forever (of course, if you become friend again, they can just as…

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Note: for the ‘Cliff Notes’ version, read Mark 10:35-45 and read the sections: ‘what does it mean for us‘ and questions. “Servant-Leadership?” The idea of ‘servant-leadership’ has gained the status of conventional wisdom to describe leadership styles both in religious and…

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