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Pastor Kyle’s Note: Get out your magnifying glass!

My grandfather, Ben Smethurst, is a special man. During his prime he worked for the FBI as a detective and also for the House Committee of Investigations. Bampy was meticulous with details. He spent long hours building cases and combing…

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Pastor Tom’s Note: The Imperishables

Pastor Tom’s Note “The Imperishables” listen to the sermon here Cataclysmic events such as the recent onslaught of hurricanes, floods and earthquakes are stark reminders that  “creation itself is in bondage to corruption” (Rom 8:21).  The word “corrupt” can also…

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Relational intelligence

Listen to the sermon here. What’s your Relational IQ?  For Paul, this sort of  IQ is measured by a commitment to please God, rather than to please others (1 Thess 2:4).  He is authentic rather than ‘packaged.’ In quick succession…

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Turning the World Upside Down

Fall Preaching Series: Turning the World Upside Down Last Sunday we began a new sermon series examining the radical faith of 1st century Christians. In the midst of their own sense of hopelessness in trying times, the Early Church articulated…

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Permanent Freedom

Pastor Tom’s Note, August 28, 2017 You can hear the sermon here Exodus 40:34-38 2 Corinthians 3:7-18 A WAKE-UP CALL Spiritual revivals  throughout history have taken different forms and affected many areas of the world.  In French, the word revival…

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