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Category: Pastor’s Note

New Summer Preaching Series: Turning Points

  How do we prepare for turning points in our lives? Sometimes turning points are planned, expected and welcome. Other times, they are complete disruptions and intrusions that are thoroughly unpleasant.  This Summer we look at the disrupted lives of…

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Pastor’s Note: QM aka GG vs. Titanic

Grey Ghost The RMS Queen Mary’s maiden voyage across the Atlantic was in 1936. Decommissioned in 1967, during World War II, she was refitted as a troop transport, her portholes covered, and painted with a dull Atlantic Ocean grey. Thus…

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Pastor’s Note: Batting .250

[Read Isaiah 6:1-13 and Matthew 13:1-23] Spiritual Self-Examination: The parable of the sower (Matthew 13:1-23), aka, the four soils, is “the parable of parables” in the Gospels. Jesus provides an honest answer as to why some hearers “understand” the Gospel…

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Pastor’s Note: Hope Against Hope

[Read Revelation 21:1-8] The New Order of Things In the symbolic wilderness we call life on earth (Revelation 12:14), we remember that God is doing a new thing (Isaiah 43:19-10).  The old order (this age of death) will “pass away”…

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Pastor’s Note: The Big Picture of Revelation

As we are in the throes of Revelation in this sermon Series based on the theme of the Return (to God in repentance, to worship together physically, and the Return of Christ), people often wonder, what is the Big Picture…

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