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Pastor Tom’s Note – What is your song of triumph?

July 17th, 2017 What is your song of triumph? Listen to the sermon here As they finally witness the defeat of the Egyptians, the Israelites remember the victory in the “Song of the Sea” (Exodus 15), which gives us great…

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Pastor Tom’s Note – Bruno’s Stiff Neck

This past weekend, for the Lord’s Supper, individuals and families across generations joined together to receive the Bread and the Wine.  By coming forward to the Table, Communion was beautifully expressed in a powerful and reverential way.  TCC is privileged…

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Pastor Tom’s Note: Opposition to Freedom, or, “Lord, Please Send Someone Else!”

Too often we think the only hindrance to freedom is the power that holds us in bondage. In the narrative of Exodus it’s Pharaoh. He is the one who keeps ‘digging in his heels’ and keeps thinking he can stop…

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Note from Pastor Tom – June 18, 2017, Father’s Day

This past Saturday, our own Cindy Leonard organized and led a successful drive to collect mobility aids as part of her ministry with Wheels for the World.  There was a nice write up in the MetroWest Daily News last week…

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Pastor Tom’s Note – June 15, 2017

Dear Church, What a great celebration this past weekend with the Pilgrim Fellowship (TCC Youth Group from the 60’s to the mid 80’s) reunion! Over 80 PF alumni gathered on Saturday night to remember together God’s faithfulness. Pastor John Ames,…

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