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Pastor’s Note: Freedom to love

Free to love others: Paul tackles hot button issues in Romans that have extraordinary significance for us today.  Paul addresses various cultural and ethnic backgrounds (see the list in Romans 16) and he has to find a way to bring…

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Pastor’s Note: New Series in Romans

In the Book of Romans, there is an amazing sense of connection between what God’s Word says (and why) and what’s going on in 2020 AD:  Dissensions, disagreements, racism, judgmental-ism, color-blindness, ethnocentrism, cultural pride, the Christian’s relationship to the State,…

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Pastor’s Note: The Comfort of the Word and Spirit

When Martin Luther reflected upon his ministry that literally changed the face of Christianity, he was able to say, “I did nothing, The Word did everything.”  And (not “but”) he also believed the Word was the work of the Holy…

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Pastor’s Note: Glorious Confinement

How can we leverage this time of confinement in our own lives, the lives of others, and especially in our relationship with the Lord?  It seems a big leap to frame this time of trial as “glorious.” We already know…

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Pastor’s Note: The Promise of the Father

As we wait for Ascension (May 21) and Pentecost (May 31), the expectancy this year seems to take on special significance. Waiting for the promise of the Father (Acts 1:4), the apostles were in confinement in Jerusalem for 10 days…

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