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Pastor’s Note: Road to Pentecost

As we concluded our Road to Jerusalem series in Luke last week, we are now in Jerusalem where the disciples are waiting for the “promise of the Father” (Luke 24:49; Acts 1:4), the coming of the promised Holy Spirit (Isaiah…

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Pastor’s Note: Road to the Empty Tomb

Lord Jesus! The account of the resurrection in Luke 24:1-12 contains several early witnesses and confessions.  The first responders and believers to the tomb are several women, including Mary Magdalene (Luke 24:10), closely followed by Peter (Luke 24:12). But it…

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Pastor’s Note: Opportunity to Bear Witness

No walk in the park In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus makes it clear (Luke 9:21-22) that the road to Jerusalem is no walk in the park. Jesus will repeat that a death-ordeal awaits Him, but no one really understands,…

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Pastor’s Note: Prayers of Desperation

The two parables on prayer in Luke 18:1-14 carry a common theme: desperation.  The widow is desperate and cries for retributive justice in the face of her adversary/accuser (Luke 18:3; see Revelation 6:10 and Romans 12:19).  But she has a…

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Pastor’s Note: Trusting in Jesus in the Storm

As we continue to feel the shock waves of this worldwide plague, what do we really believe in our moments of fear, and even panic in the face of what’s going on? One thing is certain, no one is looking…

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