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Pastor’s Note: The Presumption of Sexual Freedom

Every generation has to wrestle with what it means to be holy in a culture that celebrates all kinds of freedoms.  The only problem is some ‘freedoms’ end up looking more like bondage than actual liberation.  At the time of…

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Pastor’s Note: Thriving in Parenting

Some approach Christian parenting like a game of Tetris. It’s an enormous struggle to get all the pieces of our kids’ schedules into place. Life is happening quickly. Figuring out how to fit sleep, practice, homework, activities, tutoring, classes, games,…

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Pastor’s Note: Presumption of compartmentalization

A story of integration. For those who have seen Chariots of Fire, it is a beloved movie with profound meaning.  Made on a shoe-string budget, the movie took Hollywood by surprise when it garnered four Academy Awards, including Best Picture…

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Pastor’s Note: The presumption of (in)tolerance

Tolerance, when properly defined, is a wonderful virtue.  Tolerance is marked by kindness, forbearance and patience.  Paul says of God in Romans 2:4 that the riches of His kindness, his forbearance and patience are all characteristics that bring us to…

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Pastor’s note: The presumption of (self) salvation (Deuteronomy 1)

The account of Israel’s past failure to believe in God’s promises takes a central role in Deuteronomy 1.  Moses addresses the second generation with a stern warning not to repeat the mistakes of their fathers in the past.  The root…

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