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Category: Deuteronomy

Pastor’s Note: the presumption of (in)justice

“Forgive our debts” At the end of a president’s term, it is customary that a series of presidential pardons be extended to folks found guilty under the law.  We may find the system unfair, but this idea is based on…

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Pastor’s Note: The Presumption of Autonomy

Stuck in a Rut The road shown on the right can be found throughout the Mediterranean world today. The road system the Roman Empire Romans built has outlasted our best modern effort to keep our roads free from potholes (drive…

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Pastor’s note: The Presumption of Convenience

This week we tackle the presumption of convenience, how we all want to worship God on our own terms, doing what is right in our own eyes. In Deuteronomy 12, Moses articulates what it means to worship God in a…

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Pastor’s Note: The Presumption of Favoritism

Have you ever tried to summarize a passage of scripture in your own words? It can be difficult! How does each verse fit with the ones around it? What is the flow of the writer’s argument? Sometimes it helps to…

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Pastor’s Note: The Presumption of Self-Righteousness

“Everyone sins a little, but most people are good by nature.”  52% of those surveyed last year agreed.  This sentiment is not unlike what the Israelites felt about themselves when it came to receiving the gift of the promised land.  Moses…

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