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Holy Week 2020

Maundy Thursday April 9th at 7pm This service highlights the institution of the Lord’s Supper – our communion meal. Pastor Tom will preach a sermon titled “On the night he was betrayed,” from Luke 22:14-23. In this current format we…

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Pastor’s Note: Prayers of Desperation

The two parables on prayer in Luke 18:1-14 carry a common theme: desperation.  The widow is desperate and cries for retributive justice in the face of her adversary/accuser (Luke 18:3; see Revelation 6:10 and Romans 12:19).  But she has a…

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Pastor’s Note: Stop Making Excuses

Join the Party As we continue this journey to Jerusalem, the theme of the famous parable of the Great Banquet in Luke 14:1-24 can be summarized simply: stop making excuses and accept Jesus’ invitation to His great banquet.  It’s so…

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Pastor’s Note: Mindful Hospitality

Heads up church: Pastor Tom will be on vacation from February 8 – 20. Tip for this week’s pastor’s note: Read Luke 10:1-42 in one sitting For a shorter Read: Mindful Hospitality (Luke 10:1-20) As we continue the journey to…

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Pastor’s Note: The road to Jerusalem

The Journey to Jerusalem: Single-mindedness (Luke 9:51-62) In what ways have we allowed ourselves to get distracted from following Jesus “daily.”  Maybe we are worked up by the politics in DC.  Maybe we feel like James and John, wanted to…

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