Christ-Centered Leadership in the Workplace – Our Fall Men’s Forum


November 13th



On November 13th, TCC will host its next Men’s Forum, continuing a series on Christ-centered leadership in the workplace.  Our guest speaker will be Howard Graham, an entrepreneur, digital media executive and now chaplain at Presbyterian Day School in Memphis, Tennessee.  He is also the Executive Editor of Strategic Dads.

Join us to hear Howard’s perspective and testimony on leadership in Christ.  Sign up here, or following an upcoming service.  Encourage a neighbor, friend or colleague to do so, as well!


About our Speaker:

Howard Graham, Chaplain and Executive Director of Building Boys, Making Men

Howard Graham, Chaplain and Executive Director of Building Boys, Making Men

As an active follower of Jesus, Howard serves as husband, father, advisor, teacher, mentor, and coach.

Howard joined PDS in 2018 as a Chaplain and the Exective Director of the Building Boys, Making Men program.

Prior to joining the school, he serves as President of Performance Media for Wunderman North America and President of Wunderman Memphis. Wunderman is one of the world’s leading digital marketing agencies, employing 7,000 people worldwide. At Wunderman, Howard lead all aspects of the digital media optimization business including leadership development, product and service development, and business development.

Prior to Wunderman, Howard served in several executive roles including President of First Horizon’s Consumer Direct business. He also had the opportunity to lead several startups with his first being an advertising and publishing business while he was still in college at Ole Miss.

He is an active leader and volunteer. In addition to serving as a former Board Chairman for PDS, he serves as an Elder at Second Presbyterian Church, and a member of the advisory board for Nathan Street Ministries. He also serves as teacher of an adult Sunday school class, as small group leader, and works to mentor others. He regularly leads others on trips around the world to serve and spread the Gospel of Jesus.

He and his wife Kimberley have four children, Elijah, Lilly, James, and Parker.