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Communion Sunday with Families

Dear Church,

This Sunday we have a wonderful opportunity to celebrate together with kids, students and adults. After an amazing outreach event and celebration last Sunday with Family Day, we are taking this weekend to give the entire LTA ministry a rest, and are eagerly welcoming children from infant to grade 5, and students grades 6-12 into the worship with their families. Because we’ll have even the littlest ones with us, you’ll notice that our service will be shorter (45-50 minutes), and our songs, prayers, and sermon will use simpler more direct language. We’ll also have fun streamers and musical instruments will help our younger kids (adults are welcome too!) worship God with our bodies as we make joyful music to the Lord!

We are also celebrating communion this Sunday. Many parents might wonder if their child should take communion or not. We believe that all who have decided for themselves that Jesus is Lord of their life and have committed to walk with him are welcome to share in God’s meal. For that reason, there is no specific age limit, but children should be of age where they can understand the gospel and what it means for them.

This Sunday, instead of staying in our seats and having the elements passed to us, we are inviting you to respond to the message by coming forward to receive communion. For many, this bold step of participation can be a helpful teaching tool and powerful message of our need of Jesus as we come to him with empty hands. After Pastor Tom administers communion, the band will play lightly and all are invited forward as they feel led, to come take the bread, dip it in the cup (this is called intinction, and is a practice found in other congregational churches) and partake of the elements there. As you partake, you will hear these words spoken over you, “the Body of Christ, broken for you” or “The Blood of Christ, shed for you,” another powerful symbol of us reminding each other of Christ’s sacrifice for each of us.

We encourage our families to talk to their children and ask them if they have decided to follow Jesus, talk to them about the communion celebration, and reach out to any pastor if there are questions or concerns.

In short: no LTA, or DIVE bible study this Sunday. Come as one family to worship and celebrate communion together.

Some songs we’ll sing this Sunday:

Praise the Lord (Psalm 117) | Jered McKenna | Youtube

Saved My Soul | City Alight | Youtube

Love Come Down | North Point Music | Youtube

Eternal Father Strong to Save (Our national hymn for this 4th of July weekend!)

Remembrance (The Communion Song) | Matt Redman | Youtube

Behold the Lamb | Getty Music | Youtube

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