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Conversations with God

Conversations with God – what does that even look like? Is this a one-sided talk when we do all the talking and He does all the listening?  Or is it a fleeting moment in our busy schedule when we pause to ask Him for what we need at the particular moment?  Prayer is a big topic that is given quite a bit of space in God’s Word: think of 150 prayers in the book of Psalms,  prayers by Moses, Paul, Nehemiah, Jeremiah, Ezra, not to mention the Lord’s Prayer and the prayer Jesus prays for the disciples in John 17.  So many of them!

In our summer sermon series, “Conversations with God”, we will be asking some big questions. Why does God not answer our prayers sometimes? If and when He does, why does it take so long? And what about the times when we ask for something and the exact opposite happens?  The book of Psalms is a gritty book. It’s written for real life in the trenches with God and in this Present Evil Age we call life on planet earth.  If we are looking for a rose-colored perspective on prayer, we need to look elsewhere.  The Psalms provides help for everything life throws at us: pain, suffering, crushed dreams, unfairness, injustice, bullying, you name it, it’s all there. 

In authentic conversations with God, we may start by doing all the talking, but in the end, we know He always has the last Word. Out of our desperation comes hope. It always does.  Hope is not even found in whether we get what we ask for. Instead, hope is found in Christ alone, who is our solid Rock. Our unanswered prayers become the crucible, the place where we break through into His presence and comfort.  And out of this place of contentment, we are ready to accept and embrace His will for our lives, whether it aligns with ours or not. 

So, if you’re ready for honesty and real talk with God, come and join us this summer, either on Sundays or via our podcast or website (it works on the Cape, at the lakes up north, or anywhere else your summer will take you).  So enjoy all the rest and refreshment of summer, but don’t forget to check in with God and His Word, where true rest and refreshment can be found.

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