Daily Devotion: Reflection Questions for the Week

Reflecting on yesterday’s sermon, what are the ways our call is bi-vocational (Acts 2:16-18)?  As as stay-at-home mom or dad, professional, retiree, student, and so on, “in what ways do I need to fulfill this call to ‘prophesy” (teach the Gospel)?’  Not everyone is called to full time ministry, but everyone is called to proclaim the Good News and make disciples (our children, spouses, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc.).  Ask the Lord this week to give you open doors for meaningful conversations with others.  This is a time of great uncertainty. Let Him guide you by His Spirit.

Secondly, in what ways do I need to make adjustments in my spiritual life?  Do I veer toward the Spiritual and less toward the Word? Or do I veer toward the Word, but less toward the experience of the Presence of Jesus in my life? On this “Road to Pentecost,” may we all learn to walk with Him filled with His Spirit (Ephesians 5:18) and in His Word (2 Timothy 3:16)!