Daily Update for Monday, March 16

Hello everyone,

During this crisis we will provide a daily update via email to keep our community informed on ways to stay connected during this unique and fluid time.

As I converse with other pastors, the sense of spiritual opportunity is very real for the Lord to use this unique time for His glory and for His presence to be made manifest. We look to Him and put our trust in Him during this ‘famine’ (Psalm 33:13-19). May He continue to use us as vessels of His mercy.

Live-stream worship continues

Following the latest announcement on Sunday from Governor Baker, we are going to do live-stream worship as we did yesterday until we are told it is ok to meet again. So next Sunday (and probably into April) we will gather again together to worship via live stream.

We would like to say thank you for joining in worshiping together yesterday via live-streaming. It went (almost) without glitches and we are so thankful to Sang Kim, Ken Keyes, Ben Chen and Lee Chizek for enabling us to provide access to worship during this time.  Other members of the tech team include Ryan Scott, Marty Bodley and of course Adam.  Please do pray for them as their ministry will be critical until we can worship together in our buildings again.

Prayer partners together

Thank you also for joining the prayer chain yesterday.  We continue to pray for one another and healing and protection for those who are directly affected by the virus. We especially lift up families at home with children, the elderly and health and vital services professionals. We also lift up those who are being impacted financially by this general shut down. May the Lord be our protection (Psalm 91:1).


Tomorrow, the family ministry team (Kyle, Sarah and Kate) will send resources for families as to what to do during this time of confinement.  We are also working on live-stream options during the week in addition to Sundays.

Office hours

The office will be opened everyday from 9am to 2:30pm and will take phone and email requests for assistance also after hours, if needed.  Note that food pantry hours (donation and visiting) coincide with office hours from 9am to 2:30pm.  To keep everyone safe, only authorized staff will have access to the pantry to accept and retrieve foods to distribute.


Pastor Tom and the staff