Debbie Wilson’s Transition in September

This past week, Debbie and I sat down with some of our key committees to make the announcement that she will be transitioning out of her role at TCC this coming September. We posted in last week’s newsletter a video announcement to the congregation, but we also want to have a written announcement in case people missed it. Debbie has served TCC faithfully, sacrificially and capably for the past 16 years in different roles and since 2016 as Executive Director. The Board and Executive Committee of the Board is very committed to supporting Debbie in her transition. As a congregation, we will have times to honor her and celebrate her ministry. She is staying on as a member of TCC so when we can be all together again, we will look forward to the fellowship face to face as well.
By way of brief background, Debbie and I have talked about retirement on occasion in the past. In our most recent discussion of last month, I suggested a timeline for early retirement sometime in the first few months of 2021 (with full retirement later in 2021). After taking time to consider her options (including a limited part-time role), Debbie would like to transition out as soon as this coming September.
Also connected to our discussion of retirement last month was the phasing out of the position of Executive Director at TCC sometime in 2021. After receiving counsel and taking time to consider the future needs of TCC, moving forward, the role of Executive Director (at TCC since 2016) will be replaced by an executive assistant role.
For those of us who know Debbie and her many roles at TCC, this news comes as a big transition in the life of the church. We join together in prayer for Debbie, for TCC and for the search for the right person to come to serve TCC for administrative support. If people wanted to talk to me and Debbie directly, we are scheduling a zoom session for this coming Wednesday, July 8th, at 6pm.
In His service,
Pastor Tom