Deuteronomy: The Journey from our Presumptions to God’s Promises

Deuteronomy: The Journey from our Presumptions to God’s Promises

We’re excited to announce our new sermon series for the fall. Deuteronomy: The Journey from our Presumptions to God’s Promises is an exploration into the presumptions of our hearts, and how we can move from a life led by our own false presumptions, to a life of flourishing in God’s promises.

Our lives are filled with presumptions, assumptions and convictions. The real challenge comes when it’s time to discern which is which!  With presumptions, we’re essentially rolling the dice, since we can’t really know whether what we deem true is based on facts or not. Presumption, simply put, is,  “we don’t know what we don’t know” and therefore we jump to conclusions just a little too fast.  In Deuteronomy, the children of Israel are filled with presumptions, especially as they prepare to enter the Promised land.  Moses gives them a reality check and challenges them and us to shed our presumptions and be filled with conviction.  Hebrews 11:1 captures the idea perfectly: faith is shedding the presumptions that feeds an unbelieving heart and embracing convictions that are anchored in faith in Jesus.  So when we say ‘we’re on a faith journey,’ we’re not simply parroting spiritual platitudes, but we are embracing a powerful and life-changing truth for our lives.

In our new sermon series in Deuteronomy, as we unpack some of the presumptions of the dominant Canaanite culture the Israelites faced, we find similar struggles in the dominant culture of our day.  In order to abide in Christ, and to thrive in Him (John 15:5), we too will need to allow the Word of God to convict us of our own presumptions and to embrace the conviction of faith, so that He may lead us safely home to our promised land (Hebrews 11:16).

Roadmap to the book of Deuteronomy:

  1. Deut 1 | The Presumption Of (Self) Salvation
  2. Deut 2-4 | The Presumption Of (In) Tolerance
  3. Deut 5 | The Presumption Of Compartmentalization
  4. Deut 6 | The Presumption Of Wisdom
  5. Deut 7 | The Presumption Of Sexual Freedom
  6. Deut 8 | The Presumption Of Contentment
  7. Deut 9 | The Presumption Of (Self) Righteousness
  8. Deut 10 | The Presumption of the Human Heart
  9. Deut 12 | The Presumption Of Convenience
  10. Deut 13-26 | The Presumption Of Autonomy
  11. Deut 28 | The Presumption Of Blessings And Curses

Questions to consider as we begin this series:

  1. What are some presumptions we might have about who God is?
  2. What are some presumptions our culture has about who God is?
  3. How do our lives bear witness to the promises of God?
  4. Who do we know that needs to hear God’s promises for their life?

So whether you’re with us in person, or listen virtually through our sermon podcast or facebook stream, we hope you join us on the journey of faith.




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