Ernie Bauder In Memoriam

It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of Ernie Bauder as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Bauders have been strong pillars of this congregation for well over 50 years. Ernie was a true father in the faith at TCC. There will be time in the future when we can appropriately celebrate his life. For the time being, we mourn and grieve with Lorraine and the children, Larry, Kevin, Anita and Jeanette, and the grandchildren, extended family and friends (many of whom are at TCC). We lift the family up before the throne of grace and pray for His comfort and protection especially for Lorraine during the pandemic.

Please feel free to leave a comment below with a memory of Ernie or condolences for the family.

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  1. Dear Bauer Family,
    Such great sadness with the loss of your husband, father, grandfather.
    Ernie was a giant, yet ever so quiet and gracious pillar at Trinitarian. Recalling how hard he worked on and with many projects, the screen, the platforms, so many others. Using the gifts and talents God bestowed on him. Leading the Saturday Morning Saints.
    Love and blessings to all the Bauder family.
    Ernie is home.
    Thank you God for his life, legacy and so much more. Long remembered, life well lived.

  2. So very sorry to read about this sad news. My thoughts and prayers go out to Lorraine and Kevin and the entire family. God bless you and
    keep you well and safe from the dreadful virus.
    Fondly, Jean Lamb

  3. Dear Lorraine and all the family, we are remembering Ernie as the amazing Man of God that he was. His leadership was a bulwark in the TCC community in many regards, in particular, in Saturday morning saints. Also, I sat in on a Sunday morning class that he taught and remember his amazing Biblical knowledge and ability to make it real to us as Christians. He is a saint that has left us and I believe he has already been acknowledged with, “Well done, you good and faithful servant.” in the heavens above. God bless you as you mourn a wonderful husband, father and grandfather.
    With love and prayers for the family, Jo-Anne Bleuer

  4. We have been praying that you would feel the Lord’s presence during this tough time. I will always remember how your family has been such a witness to me. Ernie was such a beautiful example of God’s leading a family to learn and praise Him.

  5. Ernie a wonderful Christian man who would do anything for you. Think of the memories, bible study leader, construction projects,Toa Nipi success etc. The head of a strong Christian family. Thank you Lord for Ernie

  6. Ernie was a man of faith and a wonderful example of husband, father, and community member. He was always there – working for God’s kingdom at TCC, never seeking personal glory and building people up wherever he could. What an example for all of us. We are so sad to lose him and we are praying for peace and strength for you Lorraine and for all the family.
    With love Deb Dunsire and Mike Hall

  7. Ernie was a rock whom we miss greatly. He listened as though my concerns were important and he always had a scripture to base his comments. I particularly enjoyed hearing stories about his childhood in the Mid-West and his business trips to places in the Holy Land that were mentioned in Alan Baldwin’s Bible study. His sense of humor was special. My prayers are with Lorraine, Larry, Kevin, Anita, Annette and their children. Truly, Judy Ide

  8. We were privileged to know Ernie and Lorraine back in the late sixties and early seventies while attending Trinitarian under Don Ewing. We loved them both.

  9. Since I heard of Ernie’s passing, I started to think of all the good that God accomplished through him. I’m still counting. We had so many great earthly examples of Christ in the church when we, of my generation, were growing up. People who gave unsparingly of their time, talent, substance and influence. I think of people like Ernie and Tom Phillips and my father, the women also like Lorraine. People such as these never die, certainly not in heaven but not on earth either. The example of their faith goes on to all generations. Our church and the world have been truly blessed by God in the life of Ernie Bauder. To his wonderful family, I say thank you for sharing him with us. We will miss you Ernie!

  10. Greatly saddened to hear this. I worked with Ernie over a number of years as Toah Nipi become a reality. Ernie was a true mentor to me in terms of how to work with volunteers in a building project. He had the ability to communicate knowledge, establish expectations, while being encouraging. He touched many both directly and indirectly.

  11. Ripples of Ernie’s life will affect generations of lives to the glory of God. A family man, a disciplined man, a joyful man, a sacrificial man, a man of God’s Word, an engineer’s engineer, a tender man, a mentor to many and a personal friend. “What’s expected must be inspected.” Many owe much to him and bless the Lord by paying that dept forward…I’m am among them.

  12. To Lorraine and the Bauder family, my deepest condolences. I served with Ernie on TCC’s Deacon board and we had many interactions in Men’s groups and at church. He was absolutely a man I looked up to. What a great ambassador for Christ. Also just a nice and thoughtful man. He always gave a warm and genuine welcome. We will miss Ernie but I feel privileged for having known him.

  13. I first knew Ernie when teaching school in Sudbury and he was on the school board. Then I came to TCC and got to know of his good works in many areas of the church. All were impressive but our working together over Toah Nipi is one that stands out. At first we had the use of a camp but didn’t own it so naturally there were many hoops to jump through. It was a great learning experience for me and I was glad for the background Ernie brought to it. Enjoy Toah Nipi, heaven style, Ernie, you deserve it. Blessings and prayers to each of you family members. Jean J.

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