Facilities Presentation and Proposal Feedback

During an All Church Meeting on Sunday May 3, the Facilities Planning Committee shared a more in-depth presentation of their findings and recommended proposal. 

This presentation can be downloaded here. 5-2-15-TCC-Facilities-Pres-Doug-small

We’ve heard from many of you regarding the proposed recommendations for our facilities. We want to hear if any in the congregation have further comments or concerns. 

In order to keep the conversation going and address all questions, comments and concerns, an online form has been set up to allow for further feedback.  Please take a moment to fill one out.   

Filling out this form will help us continue the discussion. The boxes below will expand to accommodate your input.  

Thank you,

The Facilities Planning Committee: Rich Lipmann, Doug Sacra, Mary Shahian, Ken Vona, Debbie Wilson and Pastor Chris Ziegler






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