Good Friday

Join us for a somber service of scripture and song where we walk through the events of Jesus’ passion. Our student band and strings leads us in songs of praise and adoration as we remember the sacrifice of our Lord.

Friday March 30, 6pm.

Why is it called “Good Friday?”

It certainly doesn’t seem good! The death of Christ was the greatest injustice that ever was and ever will be. Why should an all-holy, supremely perfect God die, when it is sinful humanity who deserves death?

Some think that this term descended from the German Gottes Freitag (God’s Friday) or, perhaps, the current Germanic version has modulated over the centuries to Gute Freitag – Good Friday.

Another explanation is that the name comes from a time when the word “good” had another meaning we rarely use today: Revered, honored, or highly esteemed Friday might be a more appropriate translation.

Nevertheless, we realize that Good Friday is “good,” for us. It is good, because of what it gave to us. It is good, because of what it gave to the world. Even so, this day has a double-edged purpose, for the more we love Christ, the more this “good” day is bittersweet. The more we love God’s children, the more we see how this day sets us all free. Thanks be to God.

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