Helping from Home

Looking for Creative Ways to Use Your Time and Talents to Help?
Beside reaching out to friends and neighbors, sending grocery gift cards or shopping for others (please keep doing these things, they are very appreciated!), people have been asking how else they can help. We’ve started putting together a resource list of ideas.
If you have any ideas to share, please send them to:
  • Have you been able to sew some masks (read more below)?  You can send completed masks to:
          Steve Christiansen, 3 Cazenove St, Boston MA 02116
  • Would you like to make a monetary contribution to the Protective Aerosol Boxes project?  Go to  Please know that 100% of the proceeds are going directly to the cause; all Protective Aerosol Boxes are being donated FREE of charge!
Here are 3 ideas of ways to help our medical professionals:
  • Do you have a 3-D printer? Adam Borrell is coordinating making face shields (clear shields worn over and in addition to a mask) for distribution to healthcare workers. Adam and his team have supplied shields to a Physicians’ group based in Milford, an ENT practice in Brookline, Weston Fire Station #2, and a pediatric dentist in Sudbury. Adam has partnered with Maker’s Workshop who also supply completed shields and has been giving away plastic stock for use in 3-D printers. Here is their website. For more information and directions, contact him at
  • Can you sew?  Mary Shahian knows that Boston teaching hospitals are short of masks for medical personnel who are not dealing with Covid patients.  They are looking for people who are willing to make masks for them. Here is a you tube video, explaining the purpose and demonstrating how to make them Click here for the pattern.  More information on where to send the completed masks will be coming soon!