Holy Week 2020

Maundy Thursday

April 9th at 7pm

This service highlights the institution of the Lord’s Supper – our communion meal. Pastor Tom will preach a sermon titled “On the night he was betrayed,” from Luke 22:14-23. In this current format we encourage you to gather communion elements at home – bread and wine or grape juice – and partake with the whole church as we remember this night together.

Good Friday

April 10th at 7pm

On that dreadful night in the 1st century A.D., Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem culminated in the crucifixion. We look to the cross first remembering the death of Jesus, who paid the penalty for our sins and offers us his righteousness through faith. But in the cross, we also see the familiar symbol of discipleship and a reminder of the charge to follow him. How will we will respond? Will we believe and follow?
During our worship service filled with scripture readings and powerful songs, Family Ministries Pastor Kyle Smethurst will preach on Luke 23:32-49. We invite you to respond in two ways:
1. Collect small slips of paper and pens, and write down your sins. Then, in humble reflection, nail them to a homemade cross, burn them in a fireplace or bowl, put them in a paper shredder. Jesus has removed our sins for good. We invite families to do this together, but of course, all kids will need adult supervision during this response activity.
2. On another slip of paper, or even in the background of your computer or phone, write down, “I believe, and I will follow” and pick a verse through which you feel God is challenging you to faithfully follow him. Put the piece of paper in your Bible or save the new background on your phone or computer.

We look forward to worshiping with you at 7P on Friday evening.