Who We Are

Who We Are:

TCC is a multi-generational, multi-ethnic family-oriented church in the Greater Wayland area in Metro-West.  As an historic church steeped in the New England evangelical tradition of renewal and revival, TCC seeks to equip disciples of all age for Gospel ministry in a pluralistic context. We are a sending church, innovating and creating opportunities to proclaim the Gospel both at the local and global level.

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Our Mission:

To Be and To Make Disciples of Jesus Christ.

sanctuary exteriorTo “be a disciple” means you follow Jesus and walk in His footsteps (Mark 1:17-18).  The Gospel of John uses the image of a vine and branches to describe the abiding relationship we have with Him (John 15). Unless we are in Him, “we cannot do anything,” and this becomes our daily confession of utter dependence upon Him. This attitude is also shown through our commitment to continue in His Word. The centrality of the Word of God and a deep desire to obey Him characterizes the life of a disciple.

To “make” disciples means we have a passion to reach out to others to share the love of God. “God so loved the world that He gave His only son” is no spiritual platitude (John 3:16), but powerfully describes the deep love of Our Father in Heaven for us displayed through the person and work of Jesus: “we love because He first loved us.” We live out this experience of God’s love through reliance on the Holy Spirit.  It is by the Spirit of Jesus that we know God. It is by the Spirit that we are growing in our love for God and others.  The Spirit compels us to share the Good News of God’s forgiveness of sin (= our brokenness, rebellion and shortcomings against Him and one another) through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.  Daily, we live out “the great exchange,” the exchange of our sinfulness for His righteousness (2 Cor 5:21), which allows us to walk in humility with Him and with one another. Together, bound by God’s amazing grace, we grow in community, serving one another, and extending grace and love to others. The central mission of a disciple is to know Him and to make Him known through word and deed in our communities and throughout the world.

Whether you have just begun exploring Christianity, or have been on this life changing faith journey for decades, we want you to feel welcome and loved at TCC!

Our 2019-2020 Vision:

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