In March 1828, six women and three men ventured out to form a new church that was more in accordance with Christ’s teachings. They wished for a church having a higher standard of experience and of practical Christian life. The following month, eighteen people met at Gleason’s store (known today as Kirkside) for the first worship service of the new church.

The preacher at that first worship service was, very appropriately, the Rev. Lyman Beecher. Within weeks, plans were made to build a chapel on the present church property. The sum of $700 was quickly raised and the chapel was erected and dedicated on May 21, 1828. It served until 1835, when the rapidly growing congregation required a larger facility.

A meeting house was built and dedicated on July 22, 1835, at a cost of just over $3,000. So great was the enthusiasm and support for the project that all debts were fully paid four days after the dedication. The new congregation took the name “Evangelical Trinitarian Church of East Sudbury.” In 1896 the present name, Trinitarian Congregational Church, was formally adopted.

The 1835 meeting house served until it was destroyed by fire on July 22, 1922. Our present sanctuary was erected and dedicated in May, 1928, exactly 100 years after the dedication of the original chapel. In May, 1955 an addition, containing a chapel, fellowship hall and Sunday school rooms was added, and in 1959 the sanctuary was enlarged to it’s present dimension.

Today we stand where the founders of our church stood more than 190 years ago, steadfastly upholding the same convictions and dedication to Christ which gave them the courage to establish a new church, based on His teachings, at a time when it was not popular so to do.

TCC continues to be a voice for evangelical Christianity, with active ministries to the Wayland community and surrounding towns. We look forward to sharing with you the heritage that has been passed on to us, as well as the unrivaled blessing of the Christian faith.

 Our Pastors

Rev Dr. Tom Petter
Dr. Christopher T. Ziegler
Rev. James V. Pocock
Dr. Carlyle Saylor
Dr. Donald S. Ewing