Our church is led by our staff under Rev. Dr. Tom Petter as Senior Pastor, and governed by our Board under Marty Bodley as Board Moderator. Between the Pastorate and the Board, we hold each other accountable, encourage, and challenge each other to lead the church with passion, humility, energy, and integrity.

Ministry Staff

Rev. Dr. Tom Petter
Senior Pastor
Kyle Smethurst
Pastor of Family Ministries
Sarah Comeau
Pastor of Children's Ministries
Adam Kurihara
Director of Worship and Community Life
Rev. Allan Baldwin
Pastor of Visitation
Adrienne Christian
Student Ministries Assistant
Chrysa Bliati-Lazaridou
Children's Ministry Assistant


Marty Bodley
Moderator (2021)
Michael Alexander
Board (2021-2023)
Beverly Brown
Board (2020-2022)
Nickaela Fiore-Keyes
Board (2019-2021)
Asa Foster
Board (2019-2021)
Michelle Vanslette
Board (2020-2022)
Alric Wiggill
Board (2021-2023)

Office and Support Staff

Mary Ayotte
Jen Calverley
Office & Community Coordinator
Rene Lozano
Facilities Assistant
Tiberius Maghear
Facilities Manager
Aimee Mury
Charlie Orr
Johanna Rowley
Executive Assistant to the Sr. Pastor


Chris Armstrong
Deacon (2019-2021)
Danielle Bodley
Deacon (2021-2021)
Manny Figueroa
Deacon (2020-2022)
Susan Foster
Deacon (2020-2022)
Morgan Grogan
Deacon (2021-2023)
Dwight Henderson
Deacon (2019-2021)
Lauren Jackson
Deacon (2021-2023)
Dave Jenkins
Deacon (2021-2023)
Dolores Marciniec
Deacon (2020-2022)
Dave Newman
Deacon (2020-2022)
Brandon Unruh
Deacon (2019-2021)
Darrell Wong
Deacon (2021-2023)