Join TCC’er Adam Combs for a fundraising climb-a-thon!

We occasionally invite our members to share with us about the awesome things they’re doing for God’s Kingdom. Here is a guest post by Adam Combs, director of Waypoint Adventure. We partnered with them for a fundraiser for KidsWeek a few years ago.

Hi Church!

My name is Adam Combs. My wife Annie and I have been attending TCC since 2011 and officially became members in November of 2018.

I want to tell you about an organization that is making a HUGE impact in the Boston community and then I want to ask you to consider helping out.

10 years ago, I co-founded a 501c3 non-profit organization called Waypoint Adventure. Waypoint challenges people with disabilities to discover their purpose, talents and strengths through the transforming power of adventure.

Did you know that 1 in 5 people in the world have a disability? People with disabilities make up the world’s largest minority! For many, the term ‘disabled’ is a synonym for ‘incapable’. This perspective leaves people with disabilities feeling isolated and facing low expectations, resulting in stagnation, high unemployment, adverse health and poverty.

Waypoint Adventure is working to smash this perspective. Waypoint shows people with disabilities and their communities that THEY CAN!

These programs are a place where people with disabilities, their families and their communities can come together to challenge themselves, challenge the status quo and gain the confidence needed to move their lives forward in big ways!

Want to hear more of Waypoint’s creation story? Listen here — “Two Bearded Dude’s and a Truck” podcast

Want to hear the deeper reason why I helped to start Waypoint? Listen to a lecture I gave at a L’Abri Southborough conference about the Imago Dei.

You can also find out more about Waypoint Adventure through these links:

We need YOU!

  • Join us at our 3rd Annual Climb-A-Thon fundraiser, taking place on October 26th! This is not a typical Waypoint program, but a really fun opportunity to learn more people about Waypoint’s mission and engage your family or friends in raising funds to provide scholarships and ensure these life transforming adventures continue. Will you consider forming a team or joining one of ours?! If you can’t join, will you consider making a donation?You can find out more about this event and register here. Contact me, anytime, with questions –


  • Other ways you can help and join in the fun: