LIFE Classes Kick Off November 3rd!!

LIFE ClasseslogoIf you have been attending TCC for a little while, and are interested in becoming a member, LIFE Classes is the next step for you. LIFE (which means Living In Faith Everyday) Classes are three two-hour classes designed to help you have a relationship with Christ, and to understand the structure, benefits and expectations of membership. LIFE Classes are offered in the fall and spring of each year, and are taught by Pastor Chris, pastoral staff and members of the Board of Elders.

Overview of Classes

LIFE 101: We discuss our statement of faith and basic theology, as well as look at the structure, leadership and ministries of TCC.

LIFE 201: We focus on what the TCC community can do for you (worship, LIFE Groups, and care ministries), as well as what you can of for the TCC community (spiritual growth, prayer, and giving).

LIFE 301: We help you develop a heartbeat for service (spiritual gift assessment, ministry placement), and help you formulate a missions mindset (missional living, sharing faith).

LIFE 401: You will learn how to write your spiritual autobiography, and meet with one of our Pastors for an interview for final recommendation to the Board of Elders for membership.

Dates for 2013-2014

101- November 3 (12-2P)
201- November 10 (12-2P)
301- November 17 (12-2P)
401- Appointment to be Scheduled

101- March 16 (12-2P)
201- March 23 (12-2P)
301- March 30 (12-2P)
401- Appointment to be Scheduled


  • Do I have to take all four classes to become a member? Yes, all classes are a prerequisite to membership.
    – What if I can’t take all the classes at this time? You can take some of the classes in the fall, and complete the rest of them in the spring.
    – Do you provide lunch? Yes we do!
    – How do I register for LIFE Classes? Please register online here or contact the church office (

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