Men’s Bible Study: Isaiah in Six

Wednesdays, 7-8P
March 6 – April 10

March 20, 2019
March 6, 2019  Rev. Dr. Tom Petter is the Senior Pastor.

Isaiah is the architect of redemption: the word “gospel” comes from him. The storyline of the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John culminates with the passion of Christ, the Suffering Servant of Isaiah. Paul’s articulation of the gospel in Romans draws the development of his argument from Isaiah: God’s Righteousness, our sinfulness, our justification and sanctification in Christ, inclusion of the nations. Isaiah sees a “the new heaven and new earth” of Revelation. In Six Weeks we will provide a sweeping overview from about 30,000 feet of how Isaiah makes his argument that it is no use to trust in our own power for deliverance. Deliverance comes from the Lord. Indeed, Isaiah’s own name bears witness to the theme of the book: The Lord is salvation and His name is Jesus (transliteration of salvation in Hebrew).

Join us for these six Wednesdays: March 6, 13, 20, 27, April 3, 10

Note that our Lenten Evensong service will happen from 6:30-7p on March 6 and April 3. Men in this study are invited to come at 6:30 on those dates for a brief worship service before the study.

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