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‘The light from the faith community (yellow) with the heart of the caring family (red) … exponentially expand our potential to make a difference in the life of a child’ – Reggie Joiner


Check out family resources such as Parent Cue, Parent Link Live monthly podcasts, blogs, videos, parenting tips, and much more at the following website


Check out what your child is learning in Live the Adventure.


Download the “Parent CUE” app on your iPhone (App Store) or Android (Google Play) and find out what your child is learning in Live the Adventure (preschool and elementary).

The Parent CUE app provides simple CUES throughout the week that remind you to pause and make the most of everyday moments. It provides “CUES” for families with preschoolers and elementary-age kids. There is a “Parent Time” section with videos, podcasts, and articles just for parents. You and your child can watch videos of the LTA presentation, or use the activities and/or discussion questions linked to First Look and 252 Basics materials.


  • ‘We are grateful for the love and encouragement the girls receive each Sunday. It has made church safe and fun. We love that they can grow up with other Christian children around them.’ — Preschool Parent
  • ‘My son really enjoys his time in small group. He said to me recently that he wants to spend more time reading the Bible … he seems increasingly open in his heart to the gospel.’ — Elementary Parent
  • ‘My daughter believes, no matter whatever (good or bad) happens, God always loves her.’ — Elementary Parent
  • ‘My daughter LOVES coming to Church and always talks about the Bible story.’ — Preschool Parent
  • ‘My daughter has grown in how she treats others and makes decisions. She is compassionate, caring, empathetic and loving … She is making strides towards living out her faith.’ — Elementary Parent