Virtual Choir

Virtual Choir

Music brings us all together. Though we are not meeting in person for choir rehearsals, we can still bring our voices together through the Virtual Choir!

Below are all the resources you need to record your part (or parts!)

June 2020

Is He Worthy (with TCC and Westgate Church)

IS HE WORTHY Sheet Music Upload Recording Here

Recording Instructions:

You’ll need: A computer (laptop works best), A phone that records video, the music (linked above), a quiet environment, headphones. Extra credit if you have a special microphone that plugs into your phone as this will make the sound better.

  1. Practice and learn your track well before recording! Use the practice tracks below to help learn the music. Practice also to the video conducting tracks.
  2. Find a place to set your recording device (phone or computer). Point the camera where your face is clearly visible and fills the screen. If using a phone, make sure it is in Horizontal/Landscape orientation (not vertical/portrait orientation). Also make sure you have good lighting.
  3. When you are ready, setup a computer to play the conducting video (you can use the same device to do this if that is easier for you.)
  4. With headphones unplugged – press play on the conducting video, and record on your recorder. It doesn’t have to be exactly the same time, but if it’s close that is helpful.
  5. Listen to the cues and click with headphones unplugged. Make sure your recording device can hear the clicks, as this will help us align the clips later.
  6. Plug in your headphones at the point when it says to. Make sure your recording device is only picking up your voice when you are singing.
  7. Sing away! Retakes are fine, but don’t spend too long on this! Pick your best one take and be done!
  8. (optional) If you are able, go ahead and record multiple parts if you can sing multiple parts! There are 2 parts for each voice type, though mostly they sing in unison.

Uploading Instructions

  1. Label the files with {YourName_Part} (eg.: AdamKurihara_Bass1.mp4). (Note: this step is tricky for some. You have to go into your device’s folders and rename the file before uploading – if this part is tricky, ask for help)
  2. From the device that your file is on, navigate to the link above.
  3. Click Upload (it might be hidden behind the [•••] menu)
  4. Click Files.
  5. Navigate to your file and click open.
  6. Wait! Depending on your internet speed, this may take a few minutes. You should get confirmation when it’s done and it should appear in the list of files.

Please submit your recording(s) by Friday June 19th.

Video Conducting Tracks


Alto 1| Alto 2

Tenor 1| Tenor 2

Bass 1 | Bass 2


  • Your practice track (my voice singing your part) is in the right channel. Use only your right headphone if you like to hear that. Use the left channel only if you don’t want to hear that.
  • Use wired headphones, not bluetooth headphones, as these create latency issues.
  • Good lighting is super helpful to get a good quality video.
  • This page from another virtual choir has some great tips for recording on different devices, some uploading FAQ, and how to get the best possible quality.

Musical Notes:

  • M5. Cutoff on the and of 3. Apply this to all measures like this.
  • M16. Same as M5, but be very gentle with the z of “is”
  • M26. Stronger here.
  • M27. Be sure to take breaths as marked on this system.
  • M34. Count here. It feels weird but keep counting.
  • M39-40. Sing “He is”
  • M49/50. the word “us” cuts off quickly – right on beat 2 of M50.
  • M53. Very strong here and fluid, not robotic rhythms.
  • M57. Sing “Ju-dah” (“dah” is missing from the score)
  • M71/72. Altos be careful to count your tie over the barline.