Virtual Choir

Music brings us all together. Though we are not meeting in person for choir rehearsals, we can still bring our voices together through the Virtual Choir!

Below are all the resources you need to record your part (or parts!)

See the Music Upload Recording Here


You’ll need: A computer (laptop works best), A phone that records video, the music, a quiet environment, headphones. Extra credit if you have a special microphone that plugs into your phone as this will make the sound better.

  1. Practice and learn your track well before recording! Use the practice tracks below to help learn the music. Practice also to the video conducting tracks.
  2. When you are ready, setup a computer to play the conducting video, and plug in headphones to the computer (this step is important! We cannot have the sound from the video bleed into your recording. Your submitted recording should be your voice only with video of you.)
  3. Find a place to set your phone (A laptop works well for this as you can lean your phone on your screen). Point the phones selfie camera somewhere where your face is clearly visible and fills the screen. (You’re face will be small on the screen when combined with everyone else so make sure we can see your pretty face!). Make sure you have good lighting.
  4. On your phone open up the camera and switch to video recording. Press record on your phone. Wave to the camera first and smile! Then get ready to sing and press play on the computer video conducting track.
  5. Sing away! You probably will want to do multiple takes until you get a recording you’re satisfied with. I definitely took 83645320 takes before getting the alto part to sound tolerable.
  6. When you’ve finished your recording, label the files with {YourName_Part} (eg.: AdamKurihara_Bass1.mp4) and upload it here. (If you are able, go ahead and record multiple parts if you can sing multiple parts! There are 2 parts for each voice type, though mostly they sing in unison.)

Please submit your recording by Wednesday April 1stif you can get it to me sooner, that would be great!

Virtual Choir for Maundy Thursday – “And Can it Be?”

Practice Tracks (audio only)

Soprano 1 | Soprano 2

Alto 1 | Alto 2

Tenor 1 | Tenor 2

Bass 1 | Bass 2

Video Conducting Tracks

Use whichever is best for you!

Full Recording with Voices, No Metronome:

Full Recording without voices, with Metronome:


  • In the first video above, the mens voices are in the left channel and the women’s voices are in the right channel. If you want to hear just one side, you can adjust the balance of your computer or simply remove one earbud.
  • Do a test recording and listen back. Make sure you can’t hear the sound from your computer bleeding into your selfie video.
  • Try not to fumble with your phone while recording as those sounds will come through the final product. If possible set your phone on a stand so you don’t have to hold it during the recording.
  • The final upload must be in one take. Don’t pause the video and start again in the middle.
  • Have fun! Don’t be ashamed of your voice and don’t worry about “sticking out” – I will be mixing the final product so if you are timid or shy you might not even be able to hear your voice. Also if there are any notes you miss I can always cut your audio at those points (though try to get as many notes right as possible!).

Musical Notes:

  • M6 and 8: Hold “Be” for full value (3 beats)
  • M21: Sopranos may breathe before “my God”. All other parts sustain.
  • M22: All parts place the “d” of “God” as if you were singing the next note.
  • M34: Place the “ss” of “race” on the “&-of-3” (the sixth eighth note in the measure)… as if you were singing the next note. (I did this wrong on some of the practice parts 😜)
  • M36: Get a bit faster.
  • M42: Slows down a bit here.
  • M43: Sopranos and altos…the pianist rushes a bit here. Follow the conductor 😂🤣 (or also the metronome click). It’s slow like the very beginning.
  • M45: Crescendo but don’t rush.
  • M55: Place the “n” of “divine” on the rest. Breath, and sing loud, “Bold!”
  • M63: It keeps going! You can do it!
  •  M68-69: The hardest bit. Gets slower and hold “God” for four SLOW beats. Place the “d” gently on the downbeat of M70.
  • M75: Women cut off on beat 2. Men cut off on downbeat of M76
  • M77: Everyone breathe before “love” (you’re welcome).
  • Last note: held for very long! Hold this for 9 beats! (full value plus one extra beat)