What is Evensong?

Started in Advent 2017, Evensong is a midweek worship service aimed to nurture our faith and help us enter into the seasons of the church calendar. Evensong is a liturgical worship service based loosely around an order for evening prayer, which invites us to meditate on God’s word through prayers, readings, songs and a short devotional message.

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Why Liturgy?

Many modern people have (understandably) developed an allergy or dis-taste to formal and repetitive liturgies. Perhaps those raised in liturgical traditions have decided that free or spontaneous worship is more authentic, and prescribed prayers are prone to become monotonous and therefore meaningless. But when we think about it, we all know the power of repetition. We acknowledge the goodness when we teach our children to say please and thank you before they know what they truly mean. We know the power repetition plays when learning a new skill, talent, instrument, or language. When we practice something the right way, we develop a certain kind of muscle memory. So why not apply the same things to our spiritual lives? Quite simply, there is no formation without repetition.

Here’s a short video created for the launch of this ministry in 2017: