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TCC Live-Stream Service: [Livestream @ 9:30am] | TCC In-Person Worship @ 9:30am [Register Now] | TCC In-Person Worship @ 11:15am [Register Now]

Virtual Band

Quicklinks: Upload Here | This Sunday’s Music


Download charts and click track from Planning Center to practice.

Setup your recording device. On your computer, open your video recording software, and select your audio interface as the microphone input for recording. Your computer should have these apps already installed.

Mac: Quicktime Player is great for recording both audio and video at the same time. It can even use external audio interfaces and webcams. Read here for instructions on how to select your external microphone or external webcam from within Quicktime. **note 5/20: I’ve had some trouble with Quicktime crashing mid-record. I use PhotoBooth which works without crashing, though produces a lesser quality video.

PC: the Camera app for Windows 8/10 will also record audio and video at the same time. To setup an external audio interface go to the windows sound settings. Read here for more info.

Do a test recording to check your levels. Each audio interface is different, but you’ll want to set the gain knob so that when you sing or play, you get a healthy signal into the recording software (they usually have a visual monitor to see the sound input level) and make sure it’s not getting too much signal (causes distortion or clipping). Playback your test recording to make sure it sounds good!

  • Please record in LANDSCAPE orientation (horizontal) not portrait (vertical).
  • Please use headphones to listen to the click track.
  • Make sure you are well lit and in the center of the video frame.
  • Wear nice clothes 🙂

Ready to record? Here we go.

  1. Press RECORD on your recording software
  2. Press PLAY on the click track to hear the click track in your ears.
  3. Listen to the cues and CLAP loudly and visibly to the camera at the specified time. This helps us sync up later!
  4. Play through the chart(s). Let the camera record to the end of the song and wait until the music has faded out before you stop recording.
  5. When you’re all set, upload here – if you don’t know/remember the password ask Adam.