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Virtual Orchestra

Upload Recording Here Click Track

(1 click = 1 eighth note. The click track includes a whole measure (4 half notes) of click before measure 1)


You’ll need: A computer or phone to play the click track, A second phone that records video, the music (emailed to you), a quiet environment, headphones. Extra credit if you have a special microphone that plugs into your phone as this will make the sound better.

  1. Practice and learn your track well before recording! Start with listening to the click and making notes in your music with pencil about the tempo changes.
  2. When you are ready, setup one device to play the click track, plug in headphones to this device (this step is important! We cannot have the sound from the video bleed into your recording).
  3. Find a place to set your phone. Point the phones selfie camera somewhere where your body is clearly visible and fills the screen. (You’re face will be small on the screen when combined with everyone else so make sure we can see your pretty face!). Make sure you have good lighting.
  4. Ready? Press record on your phone video camera and then play on the click track. Wave to the camera first and smile! Note the click includes one empty bar before measure 1.
  5. Play away!
  6. Submit your recording to the link above.
  7. If you would like to submit a recording for multiple parts, that would be great! Feel free to submit one or two videos, and the rest can be audio only. Abby/Katy you can record together in the same video as long as you’re playing the same part in that recording.

Have fun! Thanks for participating – our church is going to love seeing the strings during holy week.

Musical Notes:

M4: slight slowdown into this measure

M6-7: move forward a bit

M8: little lift at the comma

M15: slight slowdown into this measure

M16-17: move forward a bit

M18-19: Big slow down through Square 2

M20-21: Move a lot faster, relax (slow down) into M22

M23: slow down a bit

M25: slow down a bit

M26: move forward a bit – violas lead

M28: Faster on beat 3

M31: little breath for the celli

M32-33: slightly faster

M34: slightly slower

M41: big slow down

M45-48: gradually get faster as it gets higher

M53 (fermata): hold for 4 half notes (16 clicks)

Rest fermata: hold for 4 half notes (16 clicks)

Gradually slow down to end. Mind the little commas (breath marks).

Final note: This one is long. Violin 1s hold for 2 full measures (8 beats / 32 clicks). Lower parts hold for 1 full measure (4 beats / 16 clicks).