Women’s Bible Study


Thursdays, 9:15-11:15A
Sept 12-Nov 14, 2019
Jan 9-April 16, 2020

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Our Current Study

The Book of Ruth and the Book of Judges

Come and explore the books of Judges and Ruth with us this year. In the book of Judges we will see the nation of Israel directly after they inhabit the promised land. This new nation blatantly disregards God’s word and is beset with the influences of the land’s previous inhabitants. In the midst of the dark days of disobedience that mar the land and people, God continues to forgive and redeem. During this same time a Moabite woman becomes a light of obedience. Ruth and Boaz stand in stark contrast to the rest of Israel and its depravity. It is from their lineage that the hope of Israel’s future restoration, the Messiah will come.

As we look at the book of Judges we are shown a mirror to our own heart and the sin that lurks within. We are confronted by our need for a savior and that it is by grace alone that we are saved. In Ruth we see God’s ultimate providence and sovereignty as he uses the faithfulness of the characters in the story to bring redemption out of pain and sorrow. In Ruth we are challenged to see God at work in the seemingly ordinary things and small acts of faithfulness as His larger plan of redemption is always at work. Join us this year as we look at our own heart and life and see how God is always gracious and always at work.

Our TeacherFrase Family

Rachael has served with the mission organization Youth With A Mission (YWAM) for over 10 years, primarily working with the School of Biblical Studies (SBS). She and her husband Scott served as directors and pioneered the SBS at the YWAM campus in Colorado Springs. During their time of service with YWAM they also taught in various programs in the organization, both in the United States and internationally. They worked to equip students for the ministry of the gospel of Jesus Christ in their spheres of influence, locally and within their respective nations.

She and her husband Scott have been married for nine years and have 3 children (Emma, Wesley and Declan). This fall, Rachael will begin pursuing a Master of Divinity degree through Fuller Theological Seminary to better serve the body of Christ through biblical and theological training, discipleship, and leadership development within the local and global church.