Ministry Council Night

Ministry Council, September 11, 2017
Phillips Hall

Have you ever tried to run a 5k without stretching beforehand?
Perhaps you’re smart and you’ve avoided running races altogether. But from experience, we know that rolling out of bed and running a 5k is a recipe for disaster.

The “Ministry Year” is like a race. But it’s not a 5k…it’s a marathon.

On September 11th (7-8:30P), we need to gather together in prayer-filled preparation for ministry. In just 90 minutes, we will hear powerful testimonies, unveil the new church-wide vision, sing together and pray for one another. The stakes are too high for TCC’s lay and staff leaders to risk going through the motions of ministry programming. We are desperate for God to work in and through us in transformative, personal ways.

Here is the agenda for the evening:

1.     Refreshments
2.     A Worshiping church: Praise and worship
3.     Articulation of the vision and goals for 2017 (Tom)
4.     A Community Church: Connecting with one another (Adam)
5.     A Family Church: Children ministry as outreach to families (Gail)
6.     A Serving and Sending Church: Growing together through LIFE groups (Kyle)
7.     Prayer for one another and commissioning

It’s time to start stretching! See you in Phillips Hall at 7P on September 11th!

Expecting great things in Him,
Your Ministry team,
(Pastor Tom, Pastor Kyle, Debbie, Gail, Adam and Cheryl)

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