Bridge House

David Lang


TCC Background:

Bridge House was incorporated in 1984, and opened in 1987 under the direction of Jim Spence.  Nelson Gildersleve introduced Bridge House to TCC.

What is Bridge House?

The Bridge House Program is the primary program of New England Aftercare Ministries, Inc. (NEAM), which was incorporated in 1984 and opened its doors in 1987 to help men (18 and over) recover from the effects of alcohol and drug abuse. Men enter our program from prison, county jails, courts, detox centers and the streets as the life of an addict is simply put — messy. We offer hope and a path to reconciliation.

We are a faith-based recovery home for men with substance abuse problems. Our program provides individualized treatment including counseling to support the spiritual, physical, social and intellectual health of each person in recovery.

The only requirement for acceptance to the Bridge House is a minimum of 30 days of verifiable sobriety from drug and alcohol abuse and a true desire and commitment to stay sober and build a life that sustains their new-found freedom.

Where are you located?

We maintain 2 adjacent houses in downtown Framingham.

What is your ministry?

The Bridge House provides residential care for extremely needy men who have a drug/alcohol addiction.  We provide food, shelter, one on one counseling, small group interaction to address the variety of issues the men face.  Our goal is to provide a caring, respectful program with gospel rich alternatives to the men as they transition to living in society.  They enter the program from courts, jails or detoxes; many are homeless, and find employment, housing, and a range of resources to help them live stable, productive lives in society.

As Executive Director I lead the team in this endeavor.  My responsibilities range from the clinical part of our program to the operations and physical structure of the two houses we run.  I work with the Board of Directors and the staff to continue to grow as a ministry with trainings, supervisions.  I also present the ministry to our partnering and prospective churches, individuals, businesses, rotaries to encourage their involvement.

What religious groups and age groups do you serve?

We serve adult men who are un-churched cultural Christians plus an indefinable mixture that comes from the prison culture.

Tell us how God is working in peoples’ lives through your ministry.

Six men were brought into one of our local churches for membership, showing that in addition to becoming Christians, they are finding a place in a local congregation

List the three specific goals you had for the past year and describe the degree to which they were reached

  1. The Bridge House has begun the project for a new kitchen and fire egress for the Tim Bolton House.
  2. Three new board members have been added to the board of directors. Two of them have been involved in local church ministries for people in recovery and one is a former graduate of our program who is reaching out to help young people avoid dangerous lifestyles and incarceration.
  3. Three of our current staff are pursuing Masters level degrees to equip for the work.

Please share some goals that God has placed on your heart for next year.

  1. Completion of our building improvements.
  2. Increase our capacity by changing offices into bedrooms.
  3. Continue to increase our board of directors.
  4. Increase our outreach to churches.