CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ)

Ellis & Colleen Goldstein

Ellis Goldstien Collieen at home


TCC Background:  Ellis and Colleen have been TCC supported missionaries since 1979 serving with CRU, the U.S. Ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ.

What is your ministry?

As the Director of Ministry Partner Development, I oversee the support development for the 6,000 American Campus Crusade for Christ staff members in the United States and overseas.  Our ministry is evangelism & discipleship.

What is your role in that ministry?

I am the national director.

What age groups do you serve?

Families, College students and communities of all ages.

What is the country and location of your ministry?

Worldwide-wherever we have staff members.

Briefly describe your current ministry

As the National Director for Ministry Partner Development, I am responsible for training our 5000 American staff members who serve in the US and overseas so that they can be fully-funded for their ministries. Our objective is to flood the nations with spiritually healthy, vision driven, fully funded Great Commission workers. Raising their full funding is one of the greatest spiritual challenges for missionaries. Many are willing to go some of the most difficult countries in the world and at the same time struggle to trust the Lord to raise their support. As a ministry committed to winning people to Christ, building them in their faith and sending them as laborers for the Great Commission, I have the privilege to inspire and train these missionaries to mobilize ministry patterns to be involved in the Great Commission through their prayers and giving. Part of my job focuses upon raising up the next generation of missionaries.

Tell us one brief story of how God is working in peoples’ lives through your ministry.

At our most recent New Staff Orientation (September 2017), we trained 115 new missionaries. A team of five captured my attention. All five began their missionary career with Cru in an intern status where they served overseas for 1-2 years. Out of that experience these five saw that God had called them to commit themselves missions full time and to go to Western Europe to reach the thousands of immigrants that have flooded Western Europe over the last few years. Their vision and passion is what is contagious. Many of the refugees are coming from countries where we would not have easy access. In a sense, they have come to us. They are full of despair and many are without hope. The team’s ministry goal will be to lead people to Christ, help them grow in their faith and train them how to do the same with other immigrants. Imagine what God might do among the immigrants as He raises up men and women who can win, build and send other immigrants. As I helped them review their vision and how to communicate it, I was impressed with their commitment. One of the young men is a 2nd generation Cru staff member. His father, Blair, was a young grad student at Penn State when I was there also as a young Christian. Both of us were part of a ministry where the fulfilling the Great Commission was part of our normal thinking. Both of us upon graduation committed ourselves to full time ministry. Blair grew into a Christian leader where he believed nothing was impossible to God and watched God do incredible things. His son, also named Blair, reminds me of his father. He is full of faith and is willing to trust God for the impossible. What a privilege to be part of training these new missionaries.

List the three specific goals you had for the past year and describe the degree to which they were reached

  • Our goal was to train 400-500 new missionaries last year. We trained 400. Also, trained several hundred 1-2-year short term missionaries.
  • We continue to push forward with the challenging task of raising up ethnic minority staff members and train them to successfully raise their support. A task force has worked hard to create paradigms that will help these staff raise their support. We’ve made some adjustments at our New Staff Orientation which has gone over very well with new ethnic minority staff. We’re making progress. We have a long way to go, but we’re moving forward.
  • I asked you to pray for me for wisdom to reshape the changes we need to make for my leadership team. As one of the largest mission agencies in the world, we have some of the finest leaders and trainers in training missionaries to raise their support. We need to continue to reshape my leadership team. This is going to be a goal that will take a couple of years.

Prayer Request:

Prayer (specify) Continue to pray for wisdom for me as I lead our staff to full funding so they can accomplish what God has called them to do in their part of helping fulfill the great Commission. A personal prayer request is for Colleen. Over the last year she has increasingly found it difficult to talk. She has seen two ENT’s and has just gone to a neurologist. We are asking God to give us some answers and to heal her.

Please update your family’s activities

Our family is just Colleen and me. We would appreciate your prayers for Colleen as I travel. She is the first one to encourage me to take on new ministry opportunities. I couldn’t do what I do without her support.