Kevin Bauder


TCC background:  Kevin has been a sponsored missionary of TCC’s since 1985.  He is with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.  Kevin was nurtured thru TCC Sunday schools, Vacation Bible Schools and PF youth groups.  His parents are Ernie and Lorraine Bauder.

What is your ministry?

To establish and advance at colleges and universities, witnessing communities of students and faculty who follow Jesus as Savior and Lord.  This included evangelism and discipleship via para-church organizations, training of lay leaders and evangelism of unreached people groups.

What is your role in that ministry?

Kevin is a regional director for InterVarsity.

What religious groups do you serve?

Christians, seekers, dialog with and service to many others (Jews, Muslims, Sikh, Jain, Hindus, Buddhists, Atheists, Shinto, New Age, Mormons, Un-churched cultural Christians etc.)

What age groups do you serve?   21 – 65+

What is the geographic area you serve?

While we are located in North America, the scholars we serve are from everywhere. Many return to prominent leadership positions with a new trust in Jesus or at least valued friends and colleagues that are Christians. This has significant value for global missions as well as unknowable value for international stability.

Briefly describe your current ministry.

Kevin has been serving with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship for 20 years in ministry to graduate and undergraduate students and faculty. He is applying his experience to the undergrad ministry in interim director roles and staff training and development.

InterVarsity is committed to helping college students know Christ and become part of a witnessing community at the university and beyond. It is an interdenominational evangelical student movement with over 1,000 groups on 667 campuses in the United States.

Spiritual Formation

We cultivate intimacy with God and growth in Christ-like character through personal and corporate disciplines, including the rigorous study of Scripture and regular prayer that expresses our faith, love, and dependence on God.


We gather as communities of graduate students and faculty to learn and worship, to challenge and care for each other, and to serve as a welcoming place for believers and seekers alike. We pursue ethnic reconciliation by practicing grace and truth and by promoting personal and systemic justice.

Evangelism & Service

We demonstrate & proclaim the gospel within the university and professions with love & boldness, calling all to repentance, faith, and new life in Jesus Christ. We join with God’s people to serve in our communities and to extend his Kingdom cross-culturally on campus and around the world.

Integration of Faith, Learning, & Practice

We engage in learning and biblical reflection in every area of life and seek a unity of knowledge and practice, because the God whom we worship is Creator of all. We labor to form leaders in every field who honor God’s gifts and calling. We believe that the integrity of these pursuits will be a witness of his Kingdom to the academic and professional worlds.

Tell us one brief story of how God is working in peoples’ lives through your ministry.

A few weeks ago I was the keynote speaker at the Fall conference for the Delaware and eastern MD area where I opened the scriptures and called students to respond to the gospel to be adopted as God’s children. Four students made first time commitments and over 30 committed to making major changes in their lives to faithfully follow Jesus.  There is a thirst for and response to God’s grace in the gospel.

List the three specific goals you had for the past year and describe the degree to which they were reached

  1. Complete a sabbatical for healing and restoration. I did this and it was a deep blessing. I am leading and serving in healthier ways and I think many campus ministry staff are the beneficiaries of the fruit to the work in sustainable ministry I did on my sabbatical.
  2. Lead the Delaware and eastern shore team to work well together and reach and equip students different from themselves for effective witness of the gospel on every corner of campus. – This went quite well and it was a blessing to lead and serve this team, which led to their desire for me to engage the students for the area this fall.
  3. Begin a new permanent role. This is still in process. I am currently leading the Baltimore team while the area director is on sabbatical. Beginning in January I will be the interim regional director of the mid-Atlantic region. While I do not yet know what I will do in July, I have an increasing peace that God’s hand is on me and He is working in significant and restorative ways in the teams I am leading in these six-month windows. I also am active in a ministry to people between jobs and occasionally lead the Bible studies for these weekly meetings in my community.

Please update your children’s (thru High School) activities, school / college plans, ages (birth dates), etc.  

My children are all grown. We celebrated two wedding this year and as such welcomed two sons-In-law into our family. Grete lives in London, Sheralynn and Eric in Boise, Emily in San Bernadino, and Maria and Jeff are in Jersey City. They are all the endeavoring to follow Jesus. Thank you for your love and care for our family.