Alliance Evangelique Internationale

Pastor Dieuseul Estivene

Dieuseul_DSCN0101TCC Background:  The Rev. Dieuseul Estivene and his wife Magda have been ministry partners with us since 2000 when our first TCC short-term mission team met them in Haiti and toured their work.   They live and minister in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.   Rev Estivene was called by God in 1981 to minister to these desperately poor people.

What is your ministry?

Win the people (bad, poor, and children) to Jesus through: church, spiritual formation of the leaders, vocational school, School youth activities, medicines project, micro business project, feeding project.

What is your role in the ministry?   Pastor and founder

What religious groups do you serve?   Baptist

What age group do you serve?    Adults, young, children

What are the country and the location of your ministry? 

Haiti –Cite Soleil and Delmas

 What is the geographic area you serve?

Haiti is an Island, mountain, tropical sunny area. Cite Soleil is a biggest, poor slum in Haiti and Delmas is near of Cite Soleil.

Briefly describe your current ministry

I am Pastor Dieuseul ESTIVENE , Senior Pastor of Berean Baptist Church at Delmas. However, as a result of unfortunate event that took place in 2014 at Cite Soleil, we only minister at Delmas and in the churches in AEI (Alliance Evangelique Internationale).

Three years ago, as a result of the events taken place in Cite Soleil, we moved the school and the church to a different location’’ La Plaine ‘’. We had 68 students last year. There is a clear desire from many parents to enroll their children in our school if we had rooms. The kids are happy and progress.

We thank God for the academic year.  Attendance to our school is almost free. The parents do not work. The financing of the school depends greatly on the donation of the sponsors and friends.

For this new academic year, we enjoy to register 75 kids for school and 14 kids, really under privileged, who are living with their family and we help them for school, food and dress. We send to you the pictures of two boys who are really in need because their father has never taken care of them and their mother is getting crazy after they killed her older brother in the street.  The two boys live with a friend of their family and we hope to have them with us in the orphanage. As you know, we have a feeding program for the school children and also for the very old living near of our church. Unfortunately, we have abandoned this program because of lack of funding.

Tell us one brief story of how God is working in peoples’ lives through your ministry.

The year 2017 has been difficult for the school and all the people in Haiti. Every time I feel the very dire situation, God brought me encouragement in so many ways that cause me to continue this ministry. For examples, when parents, friends, students, neighbors encourage me. Then I realized that God is working through our ministry and appreciate that work any time God gives to me opportunity to help .When people ask help ,when they bring to me Nathalie and the 14 kids include the  two boys ,I don’t know how to get money and take care of them ,but God provide me how to do to take care of them in their families (we help paying school, food, dresses etc.).We are praying that God will allow us to build the orphanage to receive those kids.

Every time I am praying to find a new direction in the ministry. I bought the piece of land at La Plaine, where we would like to restart the school following a new vision like receive the preschool kids (orphans or abandoned, or   under-privileged kids). We feel we will continue to help others in the same way. So, we started our new vision.

List the three specific goals you had for the past year and describe the degree to which they were reached. 

  1. A) Successes

1) Unstable economic and social situation in the ministry and Haiti. But God helps us in rely on His provisions and directions. Our faith has grown stronger. We thank TTC for both their prayer and financial supports.

2) Even if the economic situation was very bad and the lack of security where we minister, we enjoyed a good academic year in the school and the percent of success for all the grade was 70%. The parents continue to believe in the academic method.

3)God gives to us in a new direction, like take care of the abandoned kids. We are blessed when we could help 14 kids in their family & Nathalie to go to school, find food, & dresses.

4)It is a very interesting news .It was a surprise for me .Any time I was praying for a location for  the school at Cite Soleil .The parents sometimes couldn’t pay transport for their kids to go to’’ Laplaine’’ and three months ago ,like a lawyer, I was worked for a family who had justice trouble and they give to me a piece of land for my payment .It is what we pray for .It is a benediction for my family to put it in the service of the school and recuperate the students.

5)  God take care of our family. Our sons, our daughter Nathalie , we all believe strongly in God’s faithfulness and His protection to our families. We are living in a difficult country but we are in the saving hand of our Savior Jesus Christ. He protects us from dangerous situation.

  1. B) Disappointments

1) We did share the Gospel with non-Christian in the City. However, we cannot call it a success due the lack of improvement in our approaches.

2) We were not successful in raising fund for the construction.

3)The lack of security in Haiti was really bad.