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Scott & Jacqui Curley

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TCC background:  Scott and Jacqui have been TCC supported missionaries since 1997.  Scott is the son of Dwight and Gwen Curley, former members of TCC.  Dwight was very active in many areas of service while attending TCC including serving as chairman of the Missions Committee.

What is your ministry?  Missionary/Church Planter with Christian Associates International; raising up the next wave of new church planters.

What is your role in that ministry?

I am serving with my mission board, Christian Associates International, (CA) as a full-time mission’s mobilizer: recruiting and training U.S. missionaries for foreign missions and lay missionaries for short-term missions to go out into the harvest fields.

What religious groups do you serve? All

What age groups do you serve?  Families and college/university students.

What is the country and location of your ministry?  U.S.

What is the geographic area you serve?   US

Briefly describe your current ministry.

I am continuing to serve with my mission board, Communitas International (formerly Christian Associates International), as a full-time missions mobilizer: recruiting the next wave of new church planters to go out into the harvest fields. It’s a role that fits well, since I have 20 years of experience as a church planter, as well as professional experience as a recruiter (my last job before I became a missionary was as the Assistant Director of Admissions at Columbia Biblical Seminary).

I’m also passionate about church planting with Communitas and what they’re doing around the world. I believe this is a season of leveraging my ministry experience to raise up the next generation of church planters. And I get to help answer the prayer that Jesus told us to pray: for laborers to be sent out into the harvest fields. I am kind of like a border collie: encouraging the sheep to follow the Shepherd into his fields that are white for harvest.

Tell us one brief story of how God is working in peoples’ lives through your ministry.

In the past year I have made connections with dozens of people, recruiting them to become church planters with Communitas. Fourteen people have completed our assessment process and three new church planters have arrived on the field so far, this year. We have also launched a new initiative to facilitate recruiting national leaders to reach their own people. It’s called “Explore” and is accessible remotely via the internet. We held two of those in the US this year, with seven candidates participating, and are planning to launch it in Europe in early 2018. On the personal level,

I was involved in recruiting Karen Ramirez, a Spaniard living in Madrid, to serve with Communitas. She is now serving with our church plant in Madrid. And she and her husband are working on launching a new church planting team in another city in Spain. I saw her at our annual Leadership Summit in Lisbon, Portugal. As we talked, I discovered that she and her husband are interested in adoption. So, I gave her the contact information for the adoption attorney that we went through to adopt our daughter. We had received this contact information from another couple who had adopted their children through this attorney, so it was nice to be able to pay it forward!

List the three specific goals you had for the past year and describe the degree to which they were reached

  1. Lead and care for my first mission field. When we were accessing wise counselors in Scotland, trying to discern what our next steps should be to care for our daughter, the capstone advice came from the Global Advancement team leader of our mission board; Communitas International. He said “You will not regret a decision to prioritize your first mission field, your family, in this season. You may regret it otherwise”. I have taken that advice to heart and we are working and praying to see Sara built up and thriving in this season. We had a breakthrough this year as Sara was finally able to go into counseling and start opening up about some of her issues. She is on a positive trajectory as she enters her Junior year of High School. Two weeks ago, we stopped at two colleges that she had researched and did a prospective student visitation day. It’s very encouraging to see her seriously looking into colleges and dreaming about what she wants to pursue. She’s also open to doing Family Counseling, so we have begun doing that this year as well.
  2. Help lead Alpha again. I am on the leadership team once again. We ran two Alpha courses this year and are currently running another one. Fifty people went through the Alpha course this year. On the current Alpha course, I lead a table with 6 inner-city teenagers. It’s always exciting to see who God brings to Alpha!
  3. Continue to develop my ministry roles. I continue to be a full-time missionary with Communitas International, serving as a mission’s mobilizer: recruiting new church planters to get out into the harvest fields. I am recruiting church planters to start new churches around the world. I am also on the leadership team of the Philadelphia Regional Diaspora Network: reaching out to the people from other nations who are living among us as immigrants and refugees; many of whom are from restricted-access countries. It’s no longer necessary to fly over large bodies of salt water to reach the world. God has brought the nations to us. My next-door neighbor on one side is from Iran, and on the other side is from Mexico. I am working to raise awareness of the great opportunities for ministry that now exist in our neighborhoods, and to inspire, inform and motivate individuals, churches and organizations to participate in the harvest around us.

Please update your children’s (thru High School) activities, school / college plans, ages (birth dates), etc.  

Our daughter Sara is a Junior in high school, homeschooled, and busy looking at colleges and studying for the PSAT and SAT exams. She is singing in the worship band for her teen ministry at church, taking piano lessons and playing guitar. She is taking college courses online and at a local community college. She also just started her first job as a server in the restaurant of the retirement community that Jacqui’s mom lives in.

Jacqui stays busy homeschooling Sara and taking care of her 90-year old mother. She is also building relationships with the people in our neighborhood.