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Foundation for the Children of Haiti

Gladys Thomas



TCC Background:  Gladys Thomas and Foundation for the Children of Haiti have been TCC supported missions for about 16 years.

What is your ministry?

Our ministry is through Foundation Pour Les Enfants d’Haiti (Foundation for the Children of Haiti). Our work is providing under-privileged children in Port-au-Prince, Haiti with an opportunity to live and grow in an atmosphere of love and security. We have three orphanages: a nursery, children’s home, and a home for severely disabled children. We operate a hospital, a school as well, and an adoption administration as well.

What is your role in that ministry?

I am the president of the organization

What religious groups do you serve?

We serve all religious groups; however, our perspective is Christian. I grew up in the Baptist church where my father was a pastor. We are associated with all Bible believing Christian churches.

What age groups do you serve?

We primarily serve children from newborn to early 20’s. We also serve heads of families, mostly single mothers, with small businesses and communities of all ages

What is the country and location of your ministry?  Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Briefly describe your current ministry

The foundation for the children of Haiti is in existence for 37 years now. My role as the director is to pray and follow the vision that God has given me to care for the children, the orphans, the disables, the poor and the sick. I am the director of the overall program which is divided in 4 different programs: orphanages, education, medical, and supporting various needs of individuals and families in need. To date, the Foundation manages 3 elementary schools and one Technical school. It also manages a full service hospital.

ORPHANAGE:  104 CHILDREN   AGE RANGE: 3 – 32 – Most of the children (30+) are severely handicapped. They have all been abandoned. Two older young people who were receiving training in physical therapy in the past year are now working with the disabled children.

SCHOOLS: 3 elementary schools with a total of 480 children.  Last year FCH was able to open 2 schools. In addition to the elementary school in at the village, the technical school, C-TECH, in the rural area of Musotte have been operational for a year and doing well.

C-TECH offers the following courses, however the 2 discipline that we had students for was: Nursing Science, Electro-Tech, computer science. C-TECH aims high and using as its motto: ILLIMITED VISION as we are trusting God to make the provisions to allow students to have access to all the disciplines we would like to offer. Operating funds for the school is heavy on FCH, however, with FCH focusing mainly on education and health, all effort is being made to assure the education of all the children, thus assuring them with a safer future.

DISASTER RELIEF PROGRAM   In addition to the many programs of FCH, after the passage of Hurricane Matthew in October 2016, the village of Musotte, badly damaged bythe storm needed immediate and long-term attention. FCH was able to offer food to the community, but focusing on the families of the school children. FCH did a survey of the living condition of these families on a sample of 50 families. 35 of the houses were badly damaged and 19 needed to be built. FEH has been able to repair 19 houses and built 8 houses with concrete roofs.

HOPE HOSPITAL opened in 1993 and is 24 years old. It is a full capacity hospital, one of the best since the earthquake, and offering quality care to over 15,000 patients a year. The hospital faces many problems, mostly with equipment needs. The old equipment is no longer repairable and that causes problem to the good operation of the hospital. We actively seek funds to help us buy new equipment. An X-ray Machine is urgently in need at the hospital right now as the old one, 30-year-old is no longer operational. Please pray with us to help meet these needs.

We thank God for a new patient clinic and a new Emergency Room made possible by a Christian medical team. Because of these new structures, Hope Hospital has served over 20,000 patients this past year.

Tell us one brief story of how God is working in peoples’ lives through your ministry.

The Technical School has been a testimony to how God is working in the lives of young people in a rural area of Haiti. FEH promote a philosophy “Infinite Vision”, which is to encourage the young people to understand God’s love for them and for the strength He put in them to reach to the top.  C-Tech had a successful year with a start of mentality changes and faith that we can see in the lives of every student.

List the three specific goals you had for the past year and describe the degree to which they were reached. 

When the hurricane hit Haiti last year, many families that had lost everything. It was a time to really trust the Lord for his Compassion toward His people. By faith we started surveying the needs without having any money. As we were armed by our pain and faith in God, help started to arrive. We had made promises that only God could fulfill. He certainly came through as we are now working on our 8th home that will provide homes for families living in shacks.

We also have met a lot of discouragement when the hospital almost had to be shut down due to finances. We are very disappointed with the government insurance program which contract with the hospital, however, the premiums are not paid and we don’t know when they will. We are very frustrated as we see so many patients counting on the care. Trusting the Lord to open the hearts of the government to pay the bills due, we had to ask the banks to support us until then. Though the bank answered positively, we are still waiting for the payment from the insurance companies so we can pay the bank.

Please update your children’s (thru High School) activities, school / college plans,

  • My children are doing well by the grace of God.
  • My oldest daughter is now the administrator of the hospital. She returned from living in the States and devoting her education and skills to Haiti. She is married with 2 children
  • My second daughter is a teacher in Kuwait for the third year, however, this will be her last as she is expecting a baby and I am very happy to have a 3rd She will be returning to the States with her husband in the summer.
  • My oldest son has moved from Florida to Virginia and working and doing well.
  • My youngest son is in NY working to sustain himself. He is 28.