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Greater Europe Missions

Justin & Andra Loy


TCC Background:  The Loy’s have been missionaries with the Greater Europe Mission (GEM) since 2004 and serve in the Czech Republic

What is your ministry?

Evangelism, Discipleship & training and church planting

What is your role in that ministry?

Direct evangelism of unbelievers

What religious groups do you serve?


What age groups do you serve?

We serve teens.

What is the country and location of your ministry?

Czech Republic

Briefly describe your current ministry

Justin works as an English and Bible teacher in a Czech-run Christian high school called Beskydy Mountain Academy.  This 4- year high school is devoted to teaching quality education, Christian values, and high-level language skills with the ultimate purpose to see lives transformed by Christ.  Because of the emphasis on language and western-style teaching, it attracts non-Christians.  About 70% of the students are unbelievers.  Justin has the opportunity to daily talk to students about Christ and the Bible inside and outside of class.  Justin also directs extra-curricular activities that give him a chance to develop Christ-revealing relationships with these teens.

Share one story of how God is working in the lives of people through your ministry:

In one Bible class two weeks ago, we read the story of Abraham when the Lord made a covenant with him and our discussion ended up at John 3:16 – how God sent Jesus to take our place. A couple of the students, Sabina and Anicka, continued to read further in this passage after class had ended. Justin noticed that they were looking at the Bible and asked them if they would like to discuss what they were reading. They said yes. The next week they met in the hall and they asked Justin about Jesus and judgement, because they were confused about this. Justin was able to then give them the Gospel message as he explained our need for a Savior and why Jesus took our place. They felt that it was complicated but they said they understood. We continue to pray for them – Anika’s parents are recently divorced – and we pray that this seed planted would result in their acceptance of Christ as their personal Savior.

List the three specific goals you had for the past year and describe the degree to which they were reached

  1. I have a desire to disciple and mentor the teenage guys at BMA.

I met with two guys last year and this year I’m meeting with three guys individually. One is a long-time believer, one is a new believer, and one a seeker. I try to be a trusted, older friend who they can come to with their questions. I pray with them and keep up with their lives. Last year, we also did a BMA Men’s night out that we will probably repeat again this year.

  1. To evangelize to non-believing students at Beskydy Mountain Academy.

This happens daily. I do this in class, I talk with students outside of class, we have students over for dinner, I pray with students, and I’m in charge of BMA extracurricular events where we have even more chances to witness to students.

  1. To create, plan and carry out a yearly retreat for alumni to return, reconnect and be reminded of Christ.

I ran into logistical problems with this one. The Czech on staff who was working in tandem with me on this, who would do all the communication with students and find an appropriate place to meet and who shared our vision for this, got married and is now living in the States. So, this project has been put on the shelf for a later time. In the meantime, I’m continuing to travel to university towns to meet with former students during their time at colleges.

Please update your children’s (thru High School) activities, school / college plans, ages (birth dates)

All our kids attend Czech school. Jonas is in 6th grade (12 years old) and plays baseball in a local league,

Anna is in 3rd grade (9 years old) and attends art class, and Evelyn attends the preschool (6 years old) and takes piano, flute and gymnastics.

Andra leads a worship team at church, teaches three hours of English a week for adults,