Kevin & Krista Rideout


TCC Background:  Kevin & Krista have been TCC supported missionaries since 2001.

What is your ministry?

We are a part of SIMAIR, which is the aviation arm of SIM in Niger.  Our main purpose is to support the work of other missionaries across West Africa by providing safe, reliable and affordable air transportation.

What is your role in that ministry?

My (Kevin) main role is as a pilot / mechanic for SIMAIR.

What religious groups do you serve?

Niger is almost 98 % Muslim.  Our primary purpose of SIMAIR is providing air support to missionaries.

What age groups do you serve?

All ages.

What is the country and location of your ministry?

We are based in Niamey, Niger… West Africa

What is the geographic area you serve?

About 75 % of our flying is within Niger and 25 % to other nearby West African countries.

Briefly describe your current ministry

Kevin serves as a pilot/mechanic for SIMAIR, which is the aviation arm of SIM in Niger.  Our main purpose is to support the work of other missionaries and the Church across West Africa by providing safe, reliable and affordable air transportation.  This ministry involves flying and fixing the planes, but also doing the flight scheduling, acquiring flight permits, bookkeeping, parts ordering, shopping for missionaries in remote locations, and building relationships with and witnessing to airport and government officials.  It’s a real joy to help support numerous ministries across West Africa.

With all of our kids in school at Sahel Academy this year, Krista is able to work on language learning again.  She is spending 2 mornings per week studying the Zarma language with a new language teacher.  Krista is helping with two outreach teams of students from Sahel Academy:  one team going to the Christian orphanage to do an English learning club for the older kids and a second team going to a government orphanage for babies and toddlers.  Krista continues to serve on the Sahel Academy Board as well as on the committee which organizes our Niamey English worship service each week.  Brielle, who has cerebral palsy, spends several days per week in our home so Krista can help her with her development.  She made great progress during the summer months in her ability to communicate!  Krista is most excited about coming alongside a Christian lady, Hadiza, this year and helping her as she makes plans to start a center for disabled children.

Tell us one brief story of how God is working in peoples’ lives through your ministry.

  1. Cessna 210 plane project: Our main goal this past year was to prepare this plane for service in Niger.

In February, we sold the first of our diesel planes.  The funds from that sale along with several donations enabled us to pay for the new engine on the Cessna 210 plane and move forward with this next plane project.  That engine has been installed and the plane is finishing having the special system installed to allow it to use auto fuel.  New instruments and avionics have also been purchased for the plane, which will be installed during the next phase of preparation.  The next phase could take 6-8 months as the work will be done free of charge by volunteers at Missionary Maintenance Service in Ohio.

  1. It seems that God is opening some doors to minister to families with disabled children. We hope to explore more possibilities and see if this is an area where Krista could be more involved and what God has planned.  The Zarma that she has learned so far has been very useful in allowing her to communicate and build relationships with women and children who don’t know French.

From human eyes, not much was accomplished in this area during the past year as Krista’s main focus was home-schooling Elayna and Silas.  However, God was apparently working in the heart of Hadiza, a local Christian lady.  She recently shared with Krista that God was laying it on her heart that she should open a center to minister to disabled children Krista is excited about the possibility of working with Hadiza and encouraging her as she moves forward.  Hadiza would like to purchase a parcel of land as a location to build a center.  There is currently a plot of land for sale right next to her house.  She understands the need to get training and is discussing options with Krista as well as considering the possibility of visiting similar ministries in neighboring countries.

  1. In conjunction with purchasing the Cessna 210, we are trying to sell our first diesel plane that has served in Niger for 9 years.

Praise the Lord that the first diesel plane sold in February

Please update your children’s (thru High School) activities, school / college plans, ages (birth dates), etc.  

-Kira (12/23/02) – 9th grade (Sahel Academy).  Kira enjoys reading, crafts, animals, sewing, cooking & babysitting.

-Brynn (3/19/04) – 8th grade (Sahel Academy).  Brynn enjoys reading, playing the piano, sewing, cooking & spending time with friends.

-Elayna (8/25/05) – 7th grade (home-schooling).  Elayna enjoys reading, animals, climbing trees, collecting rocks & being creative.

-Silas (2/18/07) – 5th grade (home-schooling).  Silas enjoys playing any sport (especially soccer), riding bikes & reading